10 Things I Won’t Miss About This Pregnancy

Don’t bash me on this, please. But, with the rough pregnancy I’ve head (catch up here and here) – I’m counting down the weeks. I’ve got 12 weeks until my due date. Even though my doctors still think I may go early – I’m praying to make it full term for once. And well, I’m just dying to hold one healthy little boy and never look back. This post was so quick for me to write which means I’m probably complaining entirely to much. Sorry you have to listen to my rant. 

With bed rest behind me, finally – I still could totally do without plenty of little things this pregnancy has brought on. What could you do without during your pregnancy? Anything you won’t miss? 

After the jump, see the ten things I defintely won’t be looking back on after this pregnancy. See a sneak peek at my latest maternity shots too! 

  • Eating and Feeling Like I Swallowed An Elephant 1 of 10
    Eating and Feeling Like I Swallowed An Elephant
    Yes, I eat a Cheerios and feel full. It's uncomfortable and not fun.
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  • I Actually Miss Cleaning 2 of 10
    I Actually Miss Cleaning
    I know, I can't believe it either but I miss being able to clean and do this on my own. Sometimes, I just want the dishes done a little faster. However, even though I am off bed rest, my doctor suggest leaving the housework up to the hubs.
    Image via Layla Grayce
  • Hello Swollen Feet 3 of 10
    Hello Swollen Feet
    I've haven't gained much weight and I'm downing water. For the first time ever, I almost have no ankles. And my toes well, they look like pigs in a blanket. Pretty picture right?
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  • Excess Weight 4 of 10
    Excess Weight
    I took another round of maternity photos today {will share soon!} to mark 28 weeks and my third trimester. I looked like a fat cow. I know, I should be embracing my pregnancy but really, I can't wait to get rid of this water weight and do I dare say it; double chin. I swear I see one.
    Image of me via Whimsy Baby Photo
  • Bring on Fall 5 of 10
    Bring on Fall
    It's SO hot. I have never been pregnant in the summer and well, it's not my favorite. I love the summer but this time around, I'm feeling hot and miserable.
    Image via Etsy
  • Not Sleeping On My Stomach 6 of 10
    Not Sleeping On My Stomach
    I am a hard core stomach sleeper. Not being able to sleep on my stomach means no sleep for me! However, I will say my husband makes a great body pillow. He sleeps so hard, he never even knows my leg is completely wrapped around him so I can get comfortable.
    Image via iStock
  • I Miss Picking Up My Littles 7 of 10
    I Miss Picking Up My Littles
    One of the doctors orders is no lifting which means, I can'tpick them up. But, at least I get more time with them now that I am out of the bed!
    Image of my youngest and I via Whimsy Baby Photo
  • I’m Ready To Be Free 8 of 10
    I'm Ready To Be Free
    I just want to put on my sneakers and jog for hours with my new jogging stroller that's sitting in the box. I can't wait to do things without having to think about them.
    Image via iStock
  • Indigestion 9 of 10
    I hate you. There is nothing nice I can say. And is it just me or is it totally worse at night, always. Not even when I am laying down! Somehow it just knows I am trying to relax. Meet Tums, my new BFF. Image via my iPhone.
  • Bathroom Breaks 10 of 10
    Bathroom Breaks
    I am over them. Every time I sit down at my desk I have to go to the bathroom after just coming from the bathroom. Heading in the car? Again, I feel like I immediately have to go. And usually, I do. It's like never-ending trips to the bathroom.
    Image via Kohler
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