10 Ways That I’m Currently Nesting

Next week I will be 7 months pregnant. Wow. It’s hard to believe we are almost to the end of this pregnancy.

Well, with the good news I had at my last appointment, I am able to be up and around a little bit more. With common sense in mind, I’m finally able to get out of bed. Of course I can’t go jog around the block or anything with joy but I am thrilled to start getting some things off my never-ending to-do list. Nesting is in full-swing ladies. I am here to report that I think I have finally driven my husband insane. Poor guy. He has been home with me the entire pregnancy because of everything we went through and at times feels more like my assistant than my husband. And well now, since my to-do list is getting checked off, his to-do list is getting a little longer. Team effort right? 

While I am not able to physically do everything on my things-I’ve-been-wanting-to-do-all-summer-before-baby-arrives list, I can manage the projects right? Hey, at least I am doing something! With some light shopping thrown in the mix of course.

After the jump, browse through the 10 thanks to nesting projects I am currently working on while counting down the weeks until our due date!

  • Command Center 1 of 10
    Command Center
    School for my two oldest girls will be starting in less than 3 short weeks. EEK! And this time, I need to be extra organized with 2 in school. Our 5 year old is starting Kindergarten and our oldest will be heading to 4th grade. With that said, I am in complete organizing chaos. I am feeling the need to get it together, STAT. The end of summer really creeps up on you right? Which is why this project is perfect to get things going! I want everything school related to have one easy place.
    Image via Get With It Already
  • Renovation #1: My Home Office 2 of 10
    Renovation #1: My Home Office
    Call me crazy but, I want to re-vamp my home office space. I plan on shopping for a new desk, a nicer desk chair, a pretty new rug + of course, lots of fabulous office finds to keep my desk clutter free!
    Left image via Decor 8 Blog
    Right image via Decor Pad
  • Renovation #2: Our Basement 3 of 10
    Renovation #2: Our Basement
    We have begun renovating our basement and I mean, serious demo going on. I know, as if we don't have enough on our plates. But, the end result means even more space, stylish space, for us! So, I look forward to helping my husband organize the end result and of course, decorate it. That's the important part right?
    Image via Houzz
  • Painting Stripes 4 of 10
    Painting Stripes
    I've been dying to stripe big ole' black and white stripes down our hallway. Complete with a gallery wall. I thought it would be fun to chalkboard each door to match too! Just an added eclectic little touch so each of us can have fun decorating our own door. I am so thrilled I was able to hunt down a picture to show you my exact vision!
    Left image via Design Sponge
    Right image via Country Living Magazine
  • Work On the Nursery 5 of 10
    Work On the Nursery
    With the big day coming close, it's time to really begin working on our little ones special space. I can't wait to begin! Of course, a pretty picture like the one above helps.
    Image via A Little Glass Box
  • Reupholster My Bed Frame 6 of 10
    Reupholster My Bed Frame
    This has been on my list for quite sometime. I've been cruising Pinterst and home design blogs for inspiration and I can't wait to do-it-myself.
    Image via Beautiful Inspiration Designs
  • Decorate My Dining Room Table 7 of 10
    Decorate My Dining Room Table
    I know, it's the little things right? But, my table hasn't been decorated at all lately. It totally missed it's summer tablescape and only briefly was accessorized during a photo shoot at my house last weekend. I am ready to decorate for Fall!
    Image via Martha Stewart
  • Paint A Canvas 8 of 10
    Paint A Canvas
    Next week, I plan to head to Michael's pick up some paints and a few canvas to get back to painting. It's a fun way to be creative and ease anxious times.
    Image via Design Love Fest
  • Hello, Fall Curb Appeal 9 of 10
    Hello, Fall Curb Appeal
    I love Fall. The mums, the pumpkins and the crisp air. I am ready to start getting my curb appeal on and head back to the front yard which neglected my touch this summer since I was on bed rest.
    Image via Better Homes and Gardens
  • Tackle Those DIY Projects 10 of 10
    Tackle Those DIY Projects
    I am ready to get started tackling all the DIY projects I've been pinning to my DIY Love Pinterest board. I think I have like 185 pins going over there. So, let's get ready to check them off!
    See my DIY LOVE board.
    Image via Wit and Whistle

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