10 Things I’m Really Looking Forward To With This Pregnancy

This isn’t my first pregnancy, but it’s been almost 5 years since I had a pregnancy that made it past the first 8 weeks. So it feels almost brand new to me. It is the first pregnancy where my kids are old enough to see the changes and understand what’s going on — which is new. It’s the first pregnancy where I feel like I can focus less on the medical aspect, at least as much as I can with a high risk pregnancy.

There are a lot of hard things about pregnancy, from the complications to symptoms and all the aches and pains. There are also a lot of really awesome things and since I’ve been wanting to be pregnant for quite some time, I have a lot that I am looking forward to. I am doing my best not to wish time away, even though some of the symptoms I am dealing with right now are less-than favorable. I don’t want to wish any thing away. I am looking forward to a lot in this pregnancy—moments I know are just going to be completely magical and I can’t wait.

  • 10 Things I Am Looking Forward To 1 of 11

    I love being pregnant and while there's not really much to look forward to in the first trimester, the best is yet to come.

  • Feeling the Baby Move 2 of 11

    It's one of the most magical and awesome things about pregnancy —feeling this babe moving inside you. It's one of my favorite parts of pregnancy and I really can't wait.

  • When My Kids Feel The Baby 3 of 11

    My kids are happily excited about the new baby that I am growing and always ask when they will be able to feel the baby move. Seeing the look on their eyes the first time they feel it, I can not wait!

  • The Kids Watching Me Grow 4 of 11

    Each morning my kids come into my room and ask if I am bigger yet. I have told them that just when they think I can not possibly get any bigger, I will.

  • Stopping Progesterone Treatment 5 of 11

    I have to take progesterone for the first 20 weeks of pregnancy and while it helps keep the pregnancy safe, it's not my favorite. I am looking forward to when I no longer need to take it.

  • Pregnancy Hair and Glow 6 of 11

    I get the most shiny soft hair when I am pregnant and am lucky to have flawless complexion too. I am waiting for that to kick in and I'll feel even better about myself.

  • Rocking The Belly During Swimsuit Season 7 of 11

    I am not a fan of the swimsuit season, but being pregnant during the summer months always makes me feel a little better. I don't have to suck in my gut to fit in my swimsuit because it will be all baby.

  • Baby Not Bloat 8 of 11

    Right now, I am not showing but for some I may look larger. It's all bloat thanks to hormones and the extra progesterone I have to take. I am looking forward to it actually being baby and not just bloat.

  • Developing a Bond 9 of 11

    I find pregnancy a really special time. From feeling the baby move to hiccups and talking to the babe, I really love bonding with the babe while it's still inside.

  • The Anxiety Lessening 10 of 11

    I have crazy anxiety when early pregnant thanks to the 12 miscarriages I have had. While I won't ever experience an anxiety-free pregnancy, I am hoping that once I can feel the baby move, the anxiety will lessen.

  • The End of The All-Day Sickness 11 of 11

    I don't really like to complain, but the all-day sickness is not the best thing about pregnancy. I am looking forward to it going away (if it does) or at least getting more manageable. I don't want to wish the time away, but it would make things a lot easier.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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