10 Things Never to Say When a Woman Announces She's Pregnant

Yeah, she's pregnant! What do you say?

When a woman announces she’s pregnant, it’s an important moment.  She’s (usually) excited and hoping for a good reaction.  She’s also possibly sensitive and maybe hormonal, so the wrong reaction could make her feel worse.

With that said, let’s look at 10 things you should never say to a woman when she announces she’s pregnant!

1) “You’re…what?”

Okay, you heard her.  Don’t act shocked or weird.  If you must, smile and nod.

2) “Ugh, you are?  Again?”

Perhaps you don’t say “again” if it’s her first time.  But, don’t ever say any part of this!  This is a reality, like it or not.  It’s never cool to be rude!  (Yeah, I got that reaction from one person!)

3) “Oh…was it planned?”

Again, it doesn’t matter.  She’s pregnant and she’s happy about it.  Whether or not she intended to get pregnant isn’t important.

4) “When my friend had her baby last month, she had a 40 hour labor, and they tried the vacuum, then she had a c-section…” or any other horror story.  “I threw up 8 times a day for the whole 9 months!”

Especially if this is her first baby…don’t freak her out.  These crazy stories are unlikely to happen to her, so there’s no reason to tell her all of them.  (Most pregnant women are pretty tired of it.)

5) “Ooh, you are gonna get fat…!”

No, she’ll get big because she’s pregnant.  Not fat.  But you don’t need to freak her out about body image: some women are really sensitive to gaining weight while pregnant.

6) “Are you really ready for this?”

Ready or not…baby’s coming!

7) “Oh, that’s amazing!  We can be pregnant together and do everything together and our kids can be best friends and if they’re a boy and girl they can get married….”

Whoa, slow down.  Even if you’re pregnant at the same time, that doesn’t guarantee anything!  And especially if she’s just found out, she doesn’t want to be planning out her child’s entire life!  (Probably, unless you’re best friends.  But definitely don’t say this to an acquaintance or stranger.)

8) “Oh, I hope it’s a girl!” (or boy)

It doesn’t matter what you’re hoping for.  She might be hoping for the opposite, or not really hoping for either.  It’s kind of rude in most cases to say you hope it is one or the other (the exception being if you’re really, really close to her).

9) “You haven’t had a drink, have you?  What about that party last weekend?”

Maybe she has…maybe she hasn’t.  I knew friends who had a couple drinks before they knew they were pregnant.  Regardless, you pointing it out isn’t going to make her feel better if she has!

10) “Gosh, I hope you don’t throw up at the office or anything.”

Don’t make light of her pregnancy symptoms.  Maybe she’ll have morning sickness, maybe she won’t.  But making her feel bad about it isn’t a good solution!

And don’t think the offenses stop there — check out 12 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman. Ever.

What were some unusual or annoying responses you’ve heard when a woman announces she’s pregnant?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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