10 Things That Are BETTER During Pregnancy

Are you feeling a little down lately? Apprehensive about pregnancy? Tired of pregnancy?

Do you find yourself muttering I can’t wait until I can _______ after the baby’s born?

As a formerly pregnant person myself, I very much remember the not-so-pleasant aspects of pregnancy: uncomfortable sleep positions, a pea-sized bladder, morning sickness.

But I can also tell you that there are several every-day things that are actually better during pregnancy. Yes, better.

Here are 10 ordinary perks of pregnancy that you may have overlooked:

  • Body-Hugging Clothes 1 of 10
    Body-Hugging Clothes
    Do you see that shirt? I could never wear it pre- (or post-) pregnancy because it clings to my stomach in the most unflattering way. Yet during pregnancy? Perfect! I found such freedom from not having to worry about how clothes hung on my mid-section. The clingier the better.
  • Sex 2 of 10
    Of course every pregnant woman's libido is different, but I found second-trimester sex to be the best sex in the history of sex.
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  • Walking Down the Street 3 of 10
    Walking Down the Street
    You might just be waddling to the nearest restroom, but are you noticing all of the smiling faces? The strangers who go out of their way to hold the door for you? The kind words and shared stories?
    Photo credit: Flickr: ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser
  • Subway Rides 4 of 10
    Subway Rides
    If you can get over the smells and the germs, I've never had a seat on the subway more often than when I was pregnant. The way people jump out of the way for you is as close to "first class" as you'll get on public transportation.
    Photo credit: Flickr/moriza
  • People in General 5 of 10
    People in General
    Strangers, family, friends — people are just nicer to you! They pull up chairs for you, feed you, throw you parties, buy you presents. It's lovely.
    Photo credit: Flickr/阿乃
  • Cravings 6 of 10
    Besides the ability to indulge guilt-free, there's nothing quite as satisfying as giving into a pregnancy craving.
    Photo credit: The Family Kitchen
  • Periods 7 of 10
    Sure you have other issues to deal with now, but the lack of periods is certainly a welcome break.
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  • Doctor Appointments 8 of 10
    Doctor Appointments
    When else in your life are you actually counting down the days for doctor appointments?!
    Photo credit: Flickr/Daquella manera
  • Situations/Obligations Where You Really Want To Say NO 9 of 10
    Situations/Obligations Where You Really Want To Say NO
    Helping your friend's cousin move. Going to a late-night party. Lifting that box labeled "heavy." Changing another poopy diaper while your husband is perfectly capable. Emptying the litter box. That bulging belly is such an easy way out.
    Photo credit: Flickr/Steve-h
  • Breasts/Hair/Nails/Skin 10 of 10
    Most pregnant women have something superficial that they prefer during their pregnancy — and for me, it's definitely the fuller breasts. (Oh if only I could have pregnancy boobs year-round!) For others, it's the lustrously shiny hair, or the no-polish-needed fingernails, or even the coveted "pregnancy glow" skin. Flaunt it while you have it!
    Photo credit: Hotmilk

Anything else that you found to be BETTER during pregnancy than before/after?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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