10 Things to Do While the Kids are Gone…and What You REALLY Do

Today I got lucky.  My kids are gone!  Well…you know, not forever.  They’re really just out with their Nana and Papa.  Lucky them, they got to go to a great indoor playground and then to Whole Foods for “nola bars” (Larabars).

And me?  I get a break.  I think it’s been since last fall that my kids were not with me.  Yes, I’m so lame to not have any sort of regular date night.  So what am I doing with my time?  I thought I’d share some fun ideas…and what pregnant women actually do when their kids are away. 🙂

Fun Ideas

1. Go out to dinner (with your husband)

Wow, a quiet dinner where you can have an actual conversation?  No one throwing food, climbing over the booth to peek at the “neighbors,” screeching at you, spilling the water, and so on?  Sign me up!

2. Take a romantic walk

A slow, fun walk, where you talk about whatever’s on your mind.  No stroller to push, no fighting kids to separate, no need to stop and look at a bug….

3. Watch a movie

A whole movie (at home or in a theater, your choice) without ever having to pause it to separate your children, or because they are talking to you and you can’t hear?  And it’s even a movie made for adults?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen The Incredibles recently….

4. Go dancing, or bowling

If you love dancing, go for it.  My husband won’t cooperate there, but he does love to bowl (me too).  The point is — choose some activity that’s fun for you.  You’ll get to focus on the activity at hand for once.

5. Take a bath!

Maybe…a romantic one, if you have a big enough tub!   Who knows where that might end. 🙂

But…here are the things we actually do while the kids are gone:

6. Take a nap

I’m tired…sue me.  I need my sleep and small children will not guarantee I can get it.

7. Do the laundry

No one unfolding the clothes as I fold them?  Awesome.

8. Finish the grocery shopping.

Yay, no one’s bugging me for fruit snacks or bunny crackers!  Or running into everyone else who is shopping….

9. Sit and dream about the baby

This one won’t be as crazy as the other ones, right?  This one will be born adorable and perfect….

10. Wonder what the kids are doing

Are they okay?  Are they getting hungry?  Are they fighting?  Can I call and check on them?  When are they coming back?!

What do you do while your kids are gone?

Top image by Perfecto Insecto

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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