10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Your Partner is Pregnant

10 Things You Shouldn't Do When Your Partner is PregnantI am still waiting to see the two pink lines turn up on a pregnancy test, but I am already excited for the ways my partner and I will get to experience pregnancy all over again.

I love how it can bond us together as I yell for him to come catch the latest kick from the baby. The excitement in his eyes as he sees the baby move during the ultrasound appointment and of course, all the planning when it comes to bringing a new person into the family.

My husband has been through this many times already and I would definitely call him seasoned on how to handle his wife when she’s pregnant. It has been a long time though and he may need a refresher on what to expect and what not to do (if he want’s to stay happy) when I am pregnant.

Click through to read 10 thing you shouldn’t do when your partner is pregnant:

  • Judge Her Cravings 1 of 10
    If she wants another cheeseburger for dinner, don't get on her about that. Cravings are not something to mess with.
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  • Refuse Late Night Runs 2 of 10
    Like I said, cravings are not something to mess with so don't refuse to get them. If she wakes you up for a cheeseburger at 3am, you should oblige.
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  • Bring Aversions In 3 of 10
    If she can not stand the smell of a veggie burger, do not bring them into the house. If you want one, eat it outside the house and make sure all traces of the smell are gone.
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  • Smoke Around Her 4 of 10
    Secondhand smoke is dangerous when your partner is pregnant. It can be harmful to her health and your unborn baby! Take it outside or better yet, use this time to quit.
    For more information on secondhand smoke during pregnancy, check out March of Dimes
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  • Assume She Will Be DD 5 of 10
    Don't just assume she will be your designated driver because she can't drink while pregnant. She may not want to drive your drunk butt home at 3am every weekend.
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  • Be Intimidated by Being Intimate 6 of 10
    Just because she's pregnant doesn't mean she's more breakable or you will harm the baby if you want to get intimate with your partner. It can be fun if you just relax!
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  • Change The Temperature 7 of 10
    The thermostat in a pregnant woman is a little off to say the least. If she wants it colder, don't increase the temperature. She'll feel it and you won't be happy.
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  • Tell Her She’s Big 8 of 10
    You should be careful about the words you use when it comes to her new pregnant size. Some women have a harder time embracing their new shape so be sure to use happier words like "beautiful."
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  • Compare Your Aches to Hers 9 of 10
    Your upset stomach is not the same as her long-lasting morning sickness. Your sore back and hips may not be as achy as hers after a long day. Don't even try to compare to the labor pain that she is going to feel...
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  • Miss All The Appointments 10 of 10
    We understand that our partners may not be able to make all appointments, but don't miss all of them! It's important to be as involved as you can and it's fun.
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