10 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pregnant Women

My husband and I skipped Christmas/Chanukah gifts this year and opted to take a trip together instead, so as Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s the first time we’ve bought each other gifts in a long time. We both absolutely love picking out gifts for each other, so as much as it tends to be a tough thing to do, I cannot wait to start shopping for him, though I know he’s having a little more trouble than I am.

Since last week we discussed, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, gifts that you should not buy a pregnant woman, it only seemed fair to come up with a list of thoughtful gifts for pregnant women to balance it all out. I can obviously only speak for myself and the few other women I spoke to when coming up with these ideas, but any one of these would be something I would absolutely adore for Valentine’s Day. Though hopefully it goes without saying that what matters most is the time with my husband. And the chocolates. I mean the time.

And though I think this list is a good start to any Valentine’s Day shopping list, perhaps to help out all the men who are beginning their shopping voyages, the rest of you can add some other suggestions in the comments to cover other gifts I might have overlooked.

  • Prenatal Massage 1 of 10
    I am pretty sure I'm not alone in the relatively constant aches and pains of pregnancy. The hips, low back, pelvic and other really fun pains are almost all I can take some days. So the idea of a gift certificate to get a prenatal massage? Heaven.
  • Pedicure 2 of 10
    Just because many of us cannot reach or see our toes anymore doesn't mean we don't love a good foot massage and some pretty polish. Given that I can't even reach mine anymore, I'd kill for the opportunity to take an hour for myself at the nail salon to get a pedicure.
  • Prenatal Yoga 3 of 10
    This one comes with a big caveat- Don't just buy your wife a gift certificate for prenatal yoga classes unless she has expressed interest. If she has, this is a great, thoughtful idea, especially if you go with her. I have been dying to go for weeks, but am just unwilling to spend the money right now. This would be a great gift for any woman looking for a calming but healthy activity to do during pregnancy.
  • Old Navy Maternity Yoga Pants 4 of 10
    You don't need to go to yoga to wear these. In fact, I have yet to wear them anywhere but around my house, to Target and the grocery store. Frankly, I wish I had more than just my lone gray pair. They are the best maternity lounge pants I've found to date.
    Get these amazing pants at Old Navy!
  • Takeout Gift Cards 5 of 10
    I have yet to have a genuine craving that I had to have right that second, but I have the most incredible food addictions. Once I eat a meal I like, I just want to eat it over and over again. If your wife or girlfriend is the main chef in the house, a few gift cards for her favorite take out places, as a way to give her a few nights off and some of her favorite meals is a great idea.
  • Birthstone Necklace 6 of 10
    This one might be a bit of a challenge, but if your little one is due very soon and you know his or her birthstone will be next month, you can pre-order the charms. Otherwise, maybe order the base of this necklace with an IOU for the birthstone for the baby (or as a push present!) once you know the month your little one will arrive. There are many varieties of these, a simple Etsy search will net you more than you could ever choose from.
    Get this beautiful necklace from Tiny Tokens Design's Etsy Store!
  • Comfy Slippers 7 of 10
    It's all about pampering the woman in your life. If you know her shoe size, you can find a great pair of slippers. These are my personal favorites, but there are plenty of other varieties if your girl prefers memory foam or feathery insides.
    Get these comfy slippers from Uggs!
  • Fancy Haircut/Hair Treatment 8 of 10
    I'm rarely willing to spend the money to get a nice haircut because they can just be so expensive. So this is a great time to get a gift card for a fancy salon where they do deep conditioning and scalp massages and serve you chilled cucumber water. Or at least, I hear these places exist. And they sound like hair heaven.
  • Maternity Dress + Dinner Out 9 of 10
    If you're more of an event gift giver than present in a box giver, a fun date might be taking your wife or girlfriend to a nice maternity store to pick out a fancy dress and then taking her out to a nice dinner in it. I have exactly one maternity dress and while it's serving me well, I would love a new dress and an occasion to wear it!
    Get this maternity dress at Gap Maternity!
  • Housekeeper 10 of 10
    I have made no secret that what I desperately want for Valentine's Day and my birthday is someone to come and clean our apartment. Since I'm not supposed to use the chemicals and because I can't even bend over without making grunting noises anymore, it would be the greatest luxury to have someone come in and clean. I'd even say getting a gift card for a service like Merry Maids to come now and again right before/after the baby comes would be a huge winner with many pregnant women.
    Photo from Merry Maid's website


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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