10 Tips To Better Your Business Travels While Pregnant

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traveling while pregnant

Working while pregnant is hard. TRAVELING for business while pregnant is even harder!

While most resources will tell you that flying while pregnant is safe inter-continental up to 8 weeks before your due date, international travel is typically not recommended during your last trimester. I have heard of some airlines requiring a letter after 24-weeks from a doctor, this maybe something you should get in the event that you need it. Make sure to check with your doctor before traveling late in pregnancy.

PREGNANCY cardThe Pregnancy Card

A few of the below tips strongly recommend you using your pregnancy card. What’s a pregnancy card? Use your belly as an excuse, don’t flinch or pull that I’m better than needing to use that excuse. You’re only pregnant for around 40 weeks and you are carrying, growing and are responsible for precious cargo. Do whatever you can to make your business trip easy for you and for that wee little baby in your belly.

So it’s time to go on that trip. Here are 10 Tips To Help While Traveling for Business While Pregnant:

1. Be Prepared When Packing for Your Business Trip

  • Packing those business maternity clothes without wrinkling can be a challenge. Eagle Creek Pack-it Folders are a great way to keep your clothes wrinkle free. These folders hold 7-10 items and are worth the cost!
  • Make sure to pack all of your pregnancy toiletry necessities such as: hand sanitizer, prenatal vitamins, stool softeners, Tylenol and iron pills.
  • If you are later than 24 weeks, you may want to bring a letter from your doctor authorizing you to travel to give to the airlines. (better safe than sorry!)
  • Create a list of emergency contacts on paper. Sure you may have these on your phone, but should someone else need these or if you have a dead cell phone battery, that phone isn’t going to help!
  • If you have the room, bring a travel pillow.
  • Pack that mental pregnancy card.

2. Stay Hydrated!

  • With the TSA guidelines, liquids, including water are still not permitted past security. Don’t let that stop you, staying hydrated is key. Purchase water after passing thru security. To save money, just bring your own container and fill with water.

3. Use the Potty Before Boarding the Plane

  • Sure you think you can hold it for that short flight from DFW to BNA (don’t ask me how I know this). Just go, at least TRY!
  • pregnant while using airplane toilets is NOT a fun experience. Just an FYI.

4. Find a Place to Put Up Your Feet

  • Ready to show that pregnancy card? If the flight isn’t too crowded grab 2 chairs and prop those feet up. Don’t be ashamed, believe me – it’s much better to put them up now then deal with swollen ugly things that no longer resemble feet later.

5. Tell the Airlines Your Pregnant if You Are Showing

  • Pregnancy Card! While don’t expect an upgrade to first class, I have been moved to an exit row without having to pay for the additional space.
  • You maybe able to board earlier as well.

6. Getting Comfortable in Your Airplane Seat

  • Ask for help with your baggage if you need to get it into the overhead bin.
  • Buckle your seat belt, it’s a must! If you’re baby is taking up more space and you need a seat belt extender – as for one. Remember you are carrying precious cargo.

7. Enjoy The Plane Ride

  • Kick back, pull out that travel pillow and try to get some z’s!

8. Make Down Time a Priority

  • Down time is something you won’t be getting for much longer, so enjoy it NOW!
  • Skip dinner out on the town and order in.
  • If you are traveling with business associates, let them know you don’t want to over do it.

9. Don’t Forget Your Loved Ones At Home

  • I become an emotional ball of crying home-sick mess when I travel while pregnant, mostly because my kids are old enough now to lay on the guilt.
  • Skype is the ultimate connection that makes being away from home not so bad. I make a call to my kids and then call back after they are in bed to catch up with my husband.
  • If you have someone carrying for kids at home, make sure to send them a thank you gift. If it’s your husband, you owe him!

10. Make Memories

  • While this maybe a total conflict with #8 – I have a philosophy, when in a place I would never be if it wasn’t for work – experience it. While pregnant this maybe hard, there are ways to create the experience without the stress.
  • Take photos of you and that belly at tourists spots in town or even at the airport.
  • You’re pregnant, find out where the best cupcake in town is and BUY IT! Oh make sure to eat it, pregnancy CARD!

What advice do you have? Have you had to travel for business while pregnant?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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