10 Tricks, Tips, and Timesavers for the Busy Working Mom

I’m 34 weeks pregnant. I have 4 Littles under 9, 2 of them under 2, and soon – 3 under 21 months. Call me crazy! Not only do I have 4 kids and a husband but I have a darling little successful (well, not so little) biz I run that is constantly growing, cupcakeMAG and cupcakeMAG Littles. Not to mention writing daily for the amazing Babble and contributing to The Party Dress, Spearmint Baby and Spearmint Decor.

If there is one question I get all the time it is: How do you do it? Well, let me tell you – some days, I am not so sure myself! I am not a super-mom like so many of my lovely friends, family and readers think. While I would love to think of myself as super-mom, I can promise, I am far from it. However I will say, I am one of those do-it-all-multi-tasking gals. With that said, I thought I would round-up a few of my tips and tricks that get me through each and everyday but also keep me organzied on a daily basis.

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  • Get It Together The Night Before 1 of 10
    Get It Together The Night Before
    With 2 Littles in school, forget getting things ready in the am. Especially because it's not like the other 2 Littles stay asleep. This is how it is my house. We are all up at the crack of dawn! Which is why I pack all lunches, get everything in backpacks, lay out outfits, sometimes even 2 just in case someone changes there mind. This happens often with girls. So, back-up helps. When you go to bed at night, you won't have to worry about looking for anything in the morning. And believe me, it's less stress for everyone and you can actually enjoy breakfast and who knows, maybe hit snooze once and enjoy an extra cup of coffee.
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  • Invest in a Great Planner 2 of 10
    Invest in a Great Planner
    Talk about lifesaver. momAgenda has changed my life. In so many ways! They have great products for busy moms. I couldn't survive without my All in One Folio and Day Planner. They are a must to keep me sane. A planner is seriously the only way I can keep it together.
    Stock up on great things to get you organized! Check out momAgenda
  • Plan Your Meals 3 of 10
    Plan Your Meals
    No one likes running to the grocery store everyday so plan meals on the weekend for the week. This way, you aren't wasting anytime when it comes to rummaging through the fridge or pantry. It's a serious time saver for the week. Not only does it save you time but it saves you money too.
    Get awesome meal planning inspiration on IHeart Organizing
  • Tackle Your Inbox 4 of 10
    Tackle Your Inbox
    All those Totsy, Gilt, Zulily, One Kings Lane sale emails? Filter them now. Same with Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. All of these emails will throw you off track and are big time wasters when you are in full-work checking email mode. The best way to keep your email clutter free is by archiving messages and labels. You can do this in your email settings. While archived messages are still in your email, they won't show in your inbox. Yep, it's magic. You can easily find the email by searching the appropriate label. You can thank me later for this one!
  • Create A Schedule 5 of 10
    Create A Schedule
    Especially if you work at home. This is a must. You won't get any work done ever if you don't take full advantage of time management and make yourself a schedule.
    I love my desk planner from Clairebella because it's always front and center where I need to see it. Get it from Layla Grayce!
  • Make A List, List, List 6 of 10
    Make A List, List, List
    It's important to write things down. Yes, I know there is a notes section in your iPhone but I always keep a small notepad in my purse along with a notepad on my night stand. I can't tell you how many things come to mind for me to add to my to-list when my head hits the pillow. I brainstorm best at night so it's nice to always have a notepad around to write things down. It's a great reminder of what needs to be done and it helps you stay organized throughout the day as you jot down notes.
    Chunky notepads from WH Hostess
  • Make A File System 7 of 10
    Make A File System
    This is an instant time saver. Create a reading pile and each day, file papers, mail, etc. Whatever needs to be filed. Or, you could designate day at the end of the week to file things. However, if you file loose papers everyday, it will save you time when you need to look for them later. Create a file system that works and make sense to you, whatever that may be. You will be so happy you filed that permission slip when the time comes to turn it in. It ends the looking "for that paper" game we all hate.
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  • Create A Command Center 8 of 10
    Create A Command Center
    Otherwise known as a family drop spot! With 4 Littles, this is the best way to stay organized. When your kids come home from school, have them place everything in the same spot. No room for a command center? Look for a small unused space in your home to make a drop spot where all important papers, mail, etc. can go. Another great way to stay organized and keep everything in one easy to find place.
    See this great family drop spot on Hi Sugarplum
  • Get Organized 9 of 10
    Get Organized
    Take a day, maybe on the weekend to get organized. Whether it's cleaning off your desk, getting papers together, always take time to reorganize yourself. You won't believe how many people spend hours during the week looking for things which is why sometimes the weekend is the best time to get organized again.
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  • It’s Okay to Unplug 10 of 10
    It's Okay to Unplug
    In a world where the iPhone has officially taken over and many carry a laptop in their purse, we are constantly connected. It may take some serious will power and effort but set aside time, even if it's a day, mine is Sunday, where you just unplug, completely. No checking email 20 times from your phone or jumping on the computer to work. Let your brain recharge and take this day for all things family.
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