10 Unexpected Benefits of a Growing Baby Bump

Pregnancy and your growing baby bump… it’s a strange time. You watch your shape change almost daily and while you know it’s for good reasons, sometimes it can catch you off guard. You wake up  and out of nowhere, you have a large bump in front of you and suddenly none of your clothes fit. You try to eat something, but quickly find out there’s little room for any food and you end up having a food baby on top of your real baby.

The growing bump can also cause a whole slew of aches and pains. From the baby kicking you in the ribs to trying to tie your shoes, it can be inconvenient, no matter how much you know it’s amazing, wonderful, and you want it.

There are some unexpected benefits you can get from a growing baby bump though too—good things that can be a direct result of your new pregnant shape.

You may even miss some of them when the baby is in your arms and out of your mid-section.

Check out these 10 unexpected benefits of a growing baby bump (I’m realizing all over again!):

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    baby bump

    We so often hear of the aches and pains that come with a growing baby bump, but there are some unexpected benefits too. 

  • You Don’t Have to Suck It In 2 of 11

    If I forgot to wear my shapewear one day, I'd always feel self-conscious and feel the need to suck it in. Now that I am pregnant, I don't have to worry about it anymore. Bonus!

  • Built-In Table 3 of 11

    If you need to set down your bowl of salad or your milkshake, you don't have to go far. Just place it on your belly bump because it acts as a table.

  • Excuse to Go Shopping 4 of 11

    There are some occasions where I love me some retail therapy and now that I've got a growing baby bump, I have more excuses to go shopping since I need clothes that fit.

  • Photo Finish 5 of 11

    If I was to be in a race (you know, if I ever left the couch), that growing bump in front of me would snag the win by a photo finish.

  • No Need to Sit Up Straight 6 of 11

    When my belly starts to get larger, I don't have to slouch anymore or sit up straight. I can kind of lean on it for support and it's wonderful. It's only weird once the bump is gone and I go to do it again... and fall over.

  • Built In Halloween Costume 7 of 11

    I am going to be quite pregnant by the time Halloween rolls in and with a large bump, I basically already have a built-in costume.

  • Takes The Attention Away From The Ladies 8 of 11

    I have always been big on top and I have been self-conscious about my breast size since I was a teenager. When I am pregnant, they do get bigger, but my baby bump gets even bigger still and takes all the attention away, thankfully.

  • Excuse Not To Do Laundry 9 of 11

    I am short and I grow big baby bellies and when that happens, I have a great excuse to get out of doing laundry because of the belly in the way, I can't reach the bottom of the washing machine. That chore then falls to my husband.

  • It’s Not Weird To Rub Your Stomach 10 of 11

    When I am not pregnant, I have been known to rub my stomach if it's hungry or hurting and it kind of looks weird. Now that I have a noticeable baby bump, it doesn't look weird anymore.

  • Not Far to Pick It Up 11 of 11

    I am a messy eater and have been known to drop food onto the floor or spill my drinks all over the place. With a growing baby belly, the food and/or beverage lands on the bump and not my new pair of shoes.

:: Have you experienced any benefits from your pregnant shape? ::

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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