10 Unique Baby Shower Ideas

baby shower themes
Planning a baby shower can be an overwhelming task, especially with so many options out there. Instead of settling on “blue,” “pink” or “gender neutral,” it’s always fun to work within a theme.

Some themes are more popular than others — like book showers, “shower” showers and tea parties — but there are plenty of more unique ideas out there. Ideas that you probably haven’t thought of.

Here are 10 unique baby shower themes that we love:


  • 80s Prom 1 of 10
    If your due date is around Halloween, have a combo costume/baby shower party with a balloon entrance arch, 80s photo booth and bad prom dresses.
  • Nesting Dolls 2 of 10
    A sweet, gender-neutral baby shower theme.
  • Bow Ties 3 of 10
    This "little man" shower is complete with bow tie garland made from cloth diapers and ribbon.
  • She’s Ready to POP! 4 of 10
    This is such a fun, wide-ranging theme! Use anything with the word "pop," like lollipops, soda pop, cake pops, pop-in-your-mouth food, etc. They even decorated with a "bubble" theme because, yes, bubbles POP!
  • Sew, Sew Cute 5 of 10
    Do you have a crafty group of friends? Get everyone together for a "sewing" baby shower, complete with an elaborate craft station. Perfect with "vintage" theme decor.
  • Camping Theme 6 of 10
    Forget the cutesy-wootsy baby shower details and have a rustic camping shower with pine cone garlands, s'mores, lanterns and onesie decorating.
  • Cute as a Button 7 of 10
    An adorable theme, which can even be used combined with a "sewing" party. They made button-shaped chocolate lollipops and button cookies, and then decorated with thread, buttons and spools.
  • Hot Air Balloons 8 of 10
    An exquisitely executed baby shower using a soft color palette of seafoam, coral, grey, cream and pink.
  • Ice Cream Social 9 of 10
    These ice cream balloons are super simple to make: Make a cone out of kraft paper and attach it to the bottom of a helium balloon!
  • Coco Chanel 10 of 10
    A sophisticated party to celebrate baby "No. 2," with lots of pink and ruffles -- plus a scent station.

See more pictures and inspiration:

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10. Coco Chanel [via]

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