10 Unique Uses For Your Baby's Ultrasound Photos

I have a lot of ultrasound photos from my children’s pregnancies. They can be hard to organize but are photos I for sure what to keep forever.  I still remember when I saw my kids for the first time on the ultrasound screen and watching them get bigger and bigger with each visit (I had to have a lot of ultrasounds).

Though images can look pretty similar from one child’s ultrasound to another – they hold special meaning to us as mother’s and father’s.  There are some very unique ways to hold onto those photos, or use them for other uses — click through to find 10 unique ways to preserve your child’s ultrasound photos.

  • Decorate Your Baby’s Room 1 of 10
    Using your baby's ultrasound photo as decorations in your baby's nursery adds a very personal and unique touch.
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  • A Peek Inside 2 of 10
    This fun t-shirt can also be used to announce that you are expecting and makes a great keepsake for your pregnancy.
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  • Fun Party Decor 3 of 10
    I have never seen something like this before so it is for sure a unique idea. Would make for some fun and personalized party decor.
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  • Remember 4 of 10
    This necklace holds early ultrasound photos to remember the baby's that are no longer here. A very sweet gift idea.
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  • You Can Frame It 5 of 10
    Using a custom frame for your ultrasound photo helps you decorate your house with precious memories before your baby is born.
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  • Bottle Cap Magnet 6 of 10
    A cute way to announce to your friends and family or an easy way to keep your ultrasound photos.
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  • Wear Your Photo on Your Wrist 7 of 10
    This bracelet makes a very unique addition to any wardrobe bringing a very personal piece and an easy way to keep that photo.
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  • 3D Ultrasound Wall Decor 8 of 10
    If you had a 3D ultrasound of your babe done they can offer some really cool views of your child. Making that into a painting for your wall makes for very unique art.
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  • Photo Poem Blocks 9 of 10
    Another interesting way to show off your ultrasound photos, these blocks pair them up with sweet poems.
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  • Baby Shower Decorations 10 of 10
    If you want to step away from the more generic baby shower decorations this one offers a very personalized setting and a cute way to share the ultrasound photos.
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:: Did you do anything unique with your ultrasound photos? ::

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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