10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For the Expecting Couple

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I have only been pregnant once during Valentine’s Day, and while┬áI am not, by nature, a romantic person, my husband wanted to do something special. He would feel like the worst partner ever if he did that. So if you are pregnant and/or planning an evening of romance (or if you’re looking for ideas for your pregnant partner), there are some cute and fun ways to spend the evening.

1. Have A Star Gazing Picnic

There is nothing more romantic than looking at the stars together on a clear night. Except you can one-up that and have a picnic too.

2. Go To An Art Gallery Or Museum

You’ve always wanted to go and it will make a great Valentine’s date idea. Get some exercise in for your body and your brain while spending time together.

3. Play A Round (Or Two) Of Mini-Golf

When was the last time you played mini-golf? There is an added difficulty of a new balance with your baby bump.

4. Get Maternity Photos Done

It makes a great Valentine’s gift idea and the perfect date to make for Valentine’s Day

5. Do A Belly Cast

You can get your belly cast done and spend the evening painting it. It’s something cute you can both do together.

6. Cook A Meal Together

There is nothing more romantic than cooking a new meal together and then sitting down to eat. Try something new and see the sparks fly.

7. Sparkling Water Toast

Since you can’t really have champagne, you can still toast the day with sparkling water. Make sure to have some with your dinner picnic under the stars

8. A Private Night Without The Kids

If you have kids already, really any time away from them and time for just you and your partner makes for a great date.

9. Birth-Related Movie Night

Pick out some movies that are related to pregnancy or birth and watch a movie marathon.

10. Dinner Of Cravings

If you’ve got crazy pregnancy cravings, make a whole meal of of it even if it makes no sense to someone else.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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