10 Wall Decals To Transform Your Nursery

Wall decals are an easy and inexpensive way to give your nursery a new look!

I can remember back when I was little and I had friends with giant wall murals painted in their bedrooms – Winnie the Pooh, circus themes, you name it.  These beautiful works of art were usually commissioned by a family friend or local artist, and they lasted for years and years because no one could ever bear to paint over them.

These days wall decals are popping up everywhere.  An inexpensive and easy alternative to a custom painted wall mural, these decals are a fun and whimsical way to liven up any room, with nurseries in particular being a big focus of the decal market.

Depending on the size, decals typically range from $25 to $200, and they are easy to apply and remove.  I have neither the time nor talent to paint a custom wall mural in my son’s nursery, so I was happy to shell out $75 for something that will literally transform the feel of the room through what is essentially a large sticker.

Here is a look at ten fun and playful wall decals to fit a variety of nursery decorations and themes…

  • Alphabet Tree 1 of 10
    Alphabet Tree
    Okay I will admit I am totally biased, since this is the decal we bought for our nursery. But trees are all the rage right now, and such a peaceful and fun way to spruce up a nursery (no pun intended).
  • Name Decals 2 of 10
    Name Decals
    If you know your baby's name ahead of time and feel comfortable sharing it with the world, adding a name decal to the wall is a creative and inexpensive way to personalize the room for each child.
  • Photo Frames 3 of 10
    Photo Frames
    I told you trees are big this year! But this one also incorporates some fun photo frames that you can then fill in with your own photos, memories, and keepsakes. A creative twist on simply hanging picture frames on the wall!
  • Growth Chart 4 of 10
    Growth Chart
    These are probably more intended down the road as babies are growing into toddlers and older, but I love the idea of using a decal to chart my child's growth. There are so many different patterns and options to choose from for any color scheme or theme.
  • Clouds and Moon 5 of 10
    Clouds and Moon
    Who wouldn't want to fall asleep under this? Playful clouds and dreamy graphics will hopefully help lull babies off to dreamland...
  • Dinosaurs! 6 of 10
    These decals are so fun for a little boy's room or even a child's playroom. As a parent, I don't have the time (or talent) to paint something like this on the wall, but a few big decals like this can really transform a space from typical to magical.
  • Elephants 7 of 10
    Elephants seem to be popping up all over nursery bedding and decor these days, so it makes sense that there would be corresponding wall decals to compliment. This friendly pair is a fun enhancement to the nursery.
  • Choo-Choo Train 8 of 10
    Choo-Choo Train
    Is there anything more classic baby boy than a choo-choo train? For parents who like the traditional nursery decor, but want to liven up the room a bit, this fun personalized train decal might be a great way to accent.
  • Jungle Room 9 of 10
    Jungle Room
    You can't walk into a baby store or section without being greeted by countless monkeys, lions, or giraffes. Jungle themes are everywhere! Turn your nursery into it's own little jungle with a fun and friendly wall decal.
  • Quotes 10 of 10
    Last but certainly not least, use sentimental or playful wall quotes for a great way to personalize a space. The hardest part is picking your favorite one!

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If you’ve got walls to cover — we’ve got you covered. 10 more great wall decal ideas for baby’s room!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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