No Two Pregnancies are the Same

When I got pregnant the second time around I considered myself a bit of a veteran since I remembered all the ins and outs of round one. From the moment of conception, however, so much of my second pregnancy has been completely different—and I’m making different decisions to boot! Check out 10 ways this second pregnancy has been unique.

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Check out 10 ways my second pregnancy has been completely different from my first.
Tingling Boobs 2 of 11
The second time around I charted, so I had a pretty good idea as to when I ovulated. Lo and behold, seven days after conception, my boobs starting tingling. Like all the time. I still had four days before I could take a pregnancy test, but I just knew that I was knocked up. With my first pregnancy, I had no symptoms at all, besides a missed period, to alarm me to take a test.
Nausea 3 of 11
With my first pregnancy I didn't have much nausea at all, and I only threw up once. This time the nausea hit hard around five weeks. I spent most of my spring break curled up on the couch while my mom looked after my daughter. Thankfully, the Unisom trick worked well enough to help me make it through my teacher workday—barely. I had it way easier the first time around!
Heartburn 4 of 11
I had crazy bad heartburn with my first pregnancy. It began early on in the first trimester, and it turned out that my frequent complaints at work (and my lack of eating chocolate) caused my co-workers to guess I was pregnant before I even announced it. I found myself sleeping sitting up in bed, propped up by copious amounts of pillows, and regularly popping Zantac. This time around I barely had any heartburn. I'm not eating differently, but I suppose my body is dealing way better with the slowed down digestive system.
Bathroom Talk 5 of 11
I assume that if you're reading this, you have been pregnant or are currently pregnant and understand that there's never TMI when it comes to bodily functions. So it's OK to let you know that with my first pregnancy, constipation was a huge problem. HUGE! This time around, not so much. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Constant stomach aches. Pooping in public is no longer something I steer clear of. I really have no choice in the matter.
Edema Like WOAH! 6 of 11
With my first pregnancy, my feet swelled a nominal amount. Nothing too out of control. This time around, my feet and ankles are out of control with the swelling. The summer was the pits! Though it's subsided a bit with the cooler weather, I still can't fit my feet into my old shoes and had to buy a new pair to wear at work. I never got to that point with my cankles before.
Exhaustion To The Max 7 of 11
Very early on the extreme pregnancy exhaustion hit. I remembered it from before, but when you're a full time working momma and come home to take care of a preschooler, the exhaustion is taken to a whole new level. I was grateful for the little bit of energy I got during my second trimester, however, with third trimester in full swing, I feel twice as exhausted than during the first time around. Bless my husband who's been picking up the slack so that when my eyes close on the couch shortly after dinner, he's there to entertain the kiddo before bed time.
The Bellies Don't Lie 8 of 11
On the left is me at 30 weeks with my first daughter. On the right, 30 weeks with baby sister. I'm told your uterus is stretched out and knows what to do the second time around. It surely does! At the start of the school year, most of my coworkers were shocked to find out how much longer I had to go before my due date. The belly size is misleading the second time around.
Less Caution 9 of 11
With my first pregnancy I was super cautious about everything. I wouldn't even take a Tylenol. This time around I just don't have time to deal with discomfort, so I do what I can to quell it all. Tylenol for backaches, sure. Prescription allergy medicine, which my OB approved me to take, sure. It's a whole lot easier on my anxious brain when I learned to stop stressing so much, and to weigh the pros and cons of it all. Of course I'm smart and make informed decisions, but without all the aches, being pregnant and momming an almost four-year-old actually seems doable.
Coffee Please! 10 of 11
I gave up coffee cold turkey with my first pregnancy. I honestly have no idea how I functioned without it. This time around though, I have coffee just about every day. I know my limits and how much I'm allowed, and monitor my intake carefully. I've felt so much better off giving into this whim. And I think the people around me are too. It helps me get through the work day, making this pregnancy a little bit easier. But of course, it doesn't last all day...
Knowledge Schmowledge 11 of 11
This book was my pregnancy bible the first time around. I knew everything that was going on with baby and my body. With my second pregnancy, I've picked up the book a few times early on, but that was it. I have no clue what baby sister is up to these days, beyond which fruit she's the size of. It's actually quite freeing to not be so obsessed with reading all the things. Especially when I've got so much going on.

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