10 Ways to Bond with Your Baby Before Birth

Bonding with your baby before birth is something that’s important to many women.  It’s fun to “get to know” the little person you’re carrying.  It’s not always easy, though, especially if you don’t know the sex of the baby or don’t have a name picked out!  But there are lots of ways that you can bond with your baby no matter what.

Here are 10 ways you can bond with your baby before birth!

1) Focus on bonding

You have to want to bond with your baby.  Make it an active priority in your life.  Just like bonding doesn’t “just happen” with other people, it won’t “just happen” with your baby, either.

2) Call your baby by name (or a nickname)

If you’ve chosen your baby’s name, use it when you talk about him/her.  If you haven’t chosen a name yet, think of a special nickname or something else you can call the baby that is unique.  If s/he has some “identity,” you will feel like it more real.

3) Take special times each day to think about the baby

You’re busy, but it’s important to think about the baby everyday.  Maybe when you go pee five hundred times a day, you think about your baby growing has caused this habit!  Or maybe when you get a snack, you think about the baby.  Or maybe just when you sit down to get ready for bed.  But make a point to actively think about your baby how is he doing?  Is he active or quiet today?  What does his personality seem to be like?  (Yes…they’re different even before they’re born!)

4) Lie down and feel/watch the baby move

Once your baby’s bigger, you’ll be able to see and feel her move a lot.  When you have time maybe before bed lie down and just watch and feel the baby move.  You’ll get to know how she moves, and you’ll get to experience her.  Feel for her feet and hands once she’s big enough that you can notice individual body parts.

5) Plan ahead for the baby

Think about the baby when you plan for the future.  If you’re thinking about an activity that will occur after the baby’s born, think about what the baby will be doing then (for example, I’m planning my older kids’ fall activities so I think about how I will take the baby with me too!).  Plan what clothes you’ll need, what other items you need, when you’ll get the first pictures done, and so on.  If you have “things” for him or her, s/he’s more real.

6) Make something special for the baby

If you’re crafty, think about making something for your baby.  I make a special blanket for each of babies, that is always tucked into or around their beds.  When they’re older they anticipate having it for every sleep.  If you lovingly craft something for your child, you are thinking about and loving him already!

7) Write a journal for the baby

Some women love to write down their feelings I do!  Keep a journal of how you are feeling.  Write down your thoughts about the baby.  Write down your hopes and dreams for the future.  Share how excited you were when you found out, got your first ultrasound, first heard the baby’s heartbeat.  Write to your baby and think about him reading this someday when he’s older.

8) Create a scrapbook

Keep your positive pregnancy test, ultrasound pictures, pictures of the baby’s room, and so on.  You can create extra pages now that you can fill in with pictures once she’s born, too (since you honestly won’t have the time to do it then!).  A wonderful memory book is a great way to highlight your pregnancy, both now and later (your child will love to look at this book as a toddler and older).

9) Talk about the baby

When you’re with people, talk about your baby.  Tell your husband how the baby’s doing today.  Tell your mom how much she moves around.  Tell your friends about how you can’t wait until she’s born so you can snuggle her.  Make her real by talking to others about her.  Talk about her as a real person, not just an idea!  (Not so easy in the very early days!)

10) Anticipate the baby eagerly

Most women do this anyway.  But be excited!  Don’t think about diaper changes and sleepless nights; think about sweet baby snuggles and getting to know your baby.  Wonder what he’ll look like: will he have your eyes?  Will he be sleepy or alert?  Will he be active or calm?  Will he have your husband’s hair, or sense of adventure?  Be excited to find out.

How do you bond with your baby before birth?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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