10 Ways To De-Stress During Pregnancy (And Really, Anytime!)

I think I finally outsmarted my doctors. I know, I am pretty proud of myself. 

Here’s why. Yesterday, I took an impromtu trip to the doctor’s because I had quite a few little spurts (Okay, an hour long’s worth) of constant contractions. No braxton hicks here folks! It was every 3-5 minutes around the clock contractions. I headed into the office and immediately they did a sono which clearly showed I was contracting however, not dilating. Side note: You can never really go with if you are dilated or not. The day before I went into labor at 34 weeks I was checked and was long and closed. Shocked the doctors the next day when I was 4cm! Anyway, they hooked me up to the monitor to try and figure out what was going on. We have one determined child and one irritated uterus. They shot me up with a terb shot, which quickly stops major labor contractions, and sent me home on Procardia every 6 hours – a pill you take that decreasing contractions. So why am I smarter than my doctors? 

I left the office knowing it was pre-term labor (something I am very used too!),  but they had no idea why it kept happening without any signs besides the contractions. Fast forward to today. Probably one of the worst days ever. cupcakeMAG, my day job as you all know, is super-stressful. We have a million things going on; a new site launching, gifting celebs, finishing up photo shoots and not to mention – the non-stop email. Well, it was one of the busiest days ever followed by a 6+ hour search for our dog, Stella. My iPhone completely decided not to work and well – a handful of other things I don’t want to bore you with. Bottom line: Contractions begin the moment I stress. This is NOT good. NOT good whatsoever since my job is well, pretty high stress. Every moment of the day when I became stressed, they contractions started. I realized, crap – I really need to figure out how to de-stress since I really need to go 14+ weeks.

And now you have it! After the jump, browse the 10 ways I plan to de-stress when it’s chaotic or well, just in general!

  • Pick Up A Book 1 of 10
    Pick Up A Book
    Lately, when I have more than 5 minutes of free time, which doesn't happen often, I found that picking up a good book really helps you relax. Just remember to put your phone away! If you are anything like me, you will be checking email between pages + well, that won't help!
    Image via Censational Girl
  • Paint 2 of 10
    Don't laugh. But, it can not only help be a creative way to de-stress but, you can make a little something for your home! Seriously, you may surprise yourself.
    Get inspired! Jen of Made By Girl paints over on Cocoa and Hearts.
  • Have A Cup Of Tea 3 of 10
    Have A Cup Of Tea
    Sit down, with your book, and sip, very slowly while you try not to think of all the stressers of your day.
    Pretty teacup from Anthropologie
  • Grab A Pile Of Magazines 4 of 10
    Grab A Pile Of Magazines
    I am obsessed with magazines. I subscribe to a ton + my pile is always growing because I just don't have the time. Now, I've decided to dive into the pile more often. Picking up a magazine and propping your feet with a cold beverage will totally do the trick. Drift off, forget reality for a few minutes.
    Image via Honey We're Home
  • Make A To-Do List 5 of 10
    Make A To-Do List
    Make lists. Keep them on your end table. I know I make most of my notes at night. When you wake up the next day feeling overwhelemed, you will feel amazing as you check off each task.
    My favorite chunky notepad is from WH Hostess
  • Just Breathe 6 of 10
    Just Breathe
    I say this so much to myself, I've seriously thought about tattooing it on my wrist. Yes, I say it that much. Remind yourself to breathe, relax and if you have to, count to ten. Put your feet up and make yourself stop when you feel stressed. Easier said than done, I know.
    Image via Etsy
  • Enjoy The Sunshine 7 of 10
    Enjoy The Sunshine
    Take the day off. Sit poolside, visit a beautiful garden or nature trail. Fresh air and sunshine always does your mind good. I instantly feel better when I just sit outside and soak up the sun. Who doesn't? The pool is a great place to relax too! If you are lucky enough, go to the beach for the day + leave your worries behind.
  • Browse The Net 8 of 10
    Browse The Net
    You could always stop by cupcakeMAG first. Just saying! I find Pinterest + catching up on my favorite blogs to be relaxing. They take your mind off things too!
  • Shut Off Your Phone 9 of 10
    Shut Off Your Phone
    For anyone who knows me personally, you know this is impossible. I sleep with iPhone under my pillow basically. True story! But, when it dies,and I can't charge it quickly, I will be anxious that I can't check email but, it's the best way to immediately feel less connected. Take time to recharge yourself, not just your phone.
  • Soak It Up 10 of 10
    Soak It Up
    Take a bath. Throw in some amazing bath salts and let the stress sail away. This is always my go-to way to relax after a stessful day or photo shoot.
    My favorite line is all organic, natural products. Check out Marlee + Noah

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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