10 Ways to Get Better Sleep While Pregnant

One of the most difficult things that I’ve been trying to adjust to during pregnancy is sleep. I love my sleep. I have never been a side-sleeper and the fact that I can’t sleep on my stomach makes for a very troublesome sleep.

As I get further along, not only is the side-sleeping become an issue, but several other things start to get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s the baby that is up and kicking my ribs, the constant urge to use the restroom, or even the achy muscles after a long day, sleep is hard to come by late in the pregnancy.

I know that once the baby gets here, sleep will be nearly non-existent. So, I’m trying to do my best to get my rest, now, so that I can be prepared for the sleepless nights to come. With this being my third child, I have found that there are certain things that help me sleep better during pregnancy. Some nights are better than others, but by making sure I do these 10 things, I can rest assured that sleep will be a little bit more restful.

  • Turn on the Sound Machine 1 of 10

    It wasn't until I started using a sound machine with my girls that I noticed that they've slept better. When sleep got more and more uncomfortable throughout pregnancy, I decided to try the white noise machine in my room to cut out any noises that could potentially wake me up at night. The white noise puts me in such a calm state and it's been such a great addition to helping me sleep. 

  • Massage 2 of 10
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    Being up all day running after my two girls can be tiresome and make me achy. In order for me to relax and rest my muscles, I either give myself a massage or have my husband do it for me. This helps give my tired and sore muscles a break and prepares them for a good night's sleep. 

  • Lights Out 3 of 10

    Growing up, I always had to have a night light in my room in order to fall asleep. Even as an adult, I enjoy falling asleep with some sort of light in the room. Although I don't mind the light, I have noticed that it wakes me up in the middle of the night--sometimes several times. I started to sleep with the room in complete darkness so it sets a signal to my body that it's time to sleep and sleep for a long time. 

  • Use the Bathroom Right Before Bed 4 of 10

    As I've gotten further along, my trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night are getting more frequent. It's hard to sleep with a full bladder and then get back to sleep once you use the restroom. If I use the restroom right before I get into bed, and then don't have any fluids after, I find that it helps with the amount of times I get up in the middle of the night. Some nights, I can even get through the entire night without a trip to the bathroom at all, which is like winning a prize. 

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  • Move to the Couch 5 of 10

    During my last pregnancy, I slept on the couch for four months because I thought that it was much more comfortable than my bed. Although I haven't moved completely to the couch this time, if I am having a hard time sleeping I do move out there. I think that having the pillows at my back allows for great support when having to sleep on my side. 

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  • Get a Body Pillow 6 of 10
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    I've never been a fan of sleeping on my side. I hate that I can't sleep on my stomach and it makes my sleep trouble even harder. Because I have to sleep on my side (and my left side at that) I've found that having a great body pillow to sleep with makes sleeping on my side much easier and much more comfortable. 

  • Drink Tea 7 of 10
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    Having something warm to drink before bed always helps to relax me. I love having a cup of chamomile tea about an hour before bed to help relax my body and prepare it for a good night's rest. 

  • Hit the Gym 8 of 10

    Although I can't get there as much as I can, the days that I can go to the gym have helped me sleep better at night. Research has shown that staying active and exercising is linked to better sleep. Not only do I feel great after I work out and hopefully it will pay off once the baby is born, but it's also helping me rest better at night. 

  • Take a Warm Bath 9 of 10

    There is nothing more relaxing for me than the calmness of a warm bath. There is just something so serene about sitting in the bathtub by myself so that I can collect my thoughts, relax my muscles, and just enjoy the time for myself. This calmness helps prepare my mind and body right before bedtime. 

  • Keep a Routine 10 of 10

    My body thrives off routine, but sometimes with the craziness of being a parent it can be hard to keep one. If there is one thing I try to keep steady in my day, it's my bedtime. If my body consistently goes to bed at the same time every single night, then it will help prepare itself in the hours leading up to getting sleep. I try not to stay up later than 10 pm so that when the girls give me my early wake up call I am well rested. 

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