10 Ways to Keep Cool During a Summer Pregnancy

I could count down the perks of a summer pregnancy — no bulky layers, no maternity coats, no threats of slipping on ice — but let’s be honest: summer pregnancies are rough.

Pregnant women already feel hot and swollen — especially in the third trimester — and the summer heat makes matters much, much worse.

While there aren’t any cures for beating the summer heat completely (besides staying in the AC at all times), there are certainly ways to manage the summer months without living like a hermit.

Here are 10 ways to keep cool during the hot summer months:

  • Stay Hydrated 1 of 10
    Stay Hydrated
    One of the most important tips is to DRINK WATER — lots of water — especially because dehydration is the leading cause of premature labor. Drinking water also flushes out water retention (swelling!), which summer heat makes worse.

    More ways to reduce swelling: Keep your feet elevated, limit your salt intake, use cold compresses, and avoid standing for long periods at a time.

    Read more about the importance of summer hydration.

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  • Replenish with Electrolytes 2 of 10
    Replenish with Electrolytes
    If the summer heat does leave you dehydrated, electrolytes are mega important. Good news: You don't have to resort to sugary store-bought versions. Use coconut water or this simple recipe.

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  • Choose Natural Fabrics 3 of 10
    Choose Natural Fabrics
    Opt for lightweight, natural fabrics whenever possible — like bamboo, 100% cotton, and linen. (Speaking of fabric choices, here's how to handle uncomfortable chafing "down there.")

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  • Or At Least Light-Colored, Loose-Fitting Clothes 4 of 10
    Or At Least Light-Colored, Loose-Fitting Clothes
    If you do wear synthetic fabrics, the looser the better. Tight clothes will only make you feel sweatier — especially if they're tight around your wrists or ankles, which can increase heat-induced swelling.

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  • Change Your Sleep Environment 5 of 10
    Change Your Sleep Environment
    If you like to sleep on flannel or jersey, opt for breathable 100% cotton sheets. You can also find cooling pillows that help regulate your body temperature. (And don't forget a fan in the bedroom!)

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  • Carry Cold Water Spray 6 of 10
    Carry Cold Water Spray
    A cool mist can be invaluable while you're out and about in the heat. Keep a ready-made bottle in the fridge, or fill your own spray bottle.

    Buy this Evian Mineral Water Spray + Travel Size, $10
  • Keep Cool Treats in the Freezer 7 of 10
    Keep Cool Treats in the Freezer
    Don't underestimate the power of frozen goodies. Rather than stock up on sugary ice cream and ice pops, Cool Whip is a low-cal option for frozen treats.

    See more quick, cooling COOL WHIP recipes
  • Run Errands When the Sun is Low 8 of 10
    Run Errands When the Sun is Low
    Let's face it: You can't just lay on your couch all day in the AC (as much as you want to). If you absolutely must go out in the brutal heat, opt to run errands in the morning or early evening, when the sun is lower in the sky.

    Photo: Paul Bica/Flickr
  • Swim 9 of 10
    Not only is swimming a cool-down technique, but it's an excellent exercise option for pregnant women, and it helps keep swelling down.

    Photo: clspeace/Flickr
  • Take Quick Showers or Baths 10 of 10
    Take Quick Showers or Baths
    If you don't have access to a pool, quick cold showers or relaxing baths can be a major help.

    Photo: HaoJan/Flickr

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