10 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself During the Third Trimester

The countdown is on for me as I round out the third trimester and head into the last month of pregnancy. While my delivery date may change with some new complications that have come up (which I will share later), I am trying to soak in all the joys of this pregnancy and manage the uncomfortable third-trimester symptoms that have come up.

The third trimester is a hard one — the hardest in my opinion. The first trimester brings anxiety and uncertainty for me, while the second trimester is more enjoyable as I can start to feel baby move more and see my bump grow. During the third trimester, the bump is so big that it can be uncomfortable, with all of the annoying parts of the first trimester returning, along with new aches and pains. On top of that, there’s the extra weight you’re carrying, fears of upcoming labor and delivery, balancing your energy level with your crazy nesting instincts, and taking time to show your body some extra care.

That’s why it’s important to make time to go easy on yourself and make time to treat your body during this phase of your pregnancy. Not sure how to? Here are 10 quick, and easy ways to pamper yourself in the third trimester:

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    At this point, you totally deserve all the pampering!

  • Take an Epsom Bath 2 of 11

    Ladies, this is my favorite thing to do just before bed! A warm bath with some lavender-scented epsom salts, and I am in happy-land! It takes away all the aches from the day and helps me fall asleep easier.

  • Go on a Date 3 of 11

    It's an excuse to get all dressed up and rekindle some of that spark with your partner. Do something you haven't done in a while or something you both love doing. Reigniting those sparks are an easy yet effective way to feel good.

  • Get Something Just for You 4 of 11

    For months your body has been working extra hard to grow a whole human. Treat yourself by getting something just for yourself! You've been shopping extra to make sure you have all you need for your new baby, but why not buy something special for yourself as well? You deserve it!

  • Have a Girls’ Night 5 of 11

    Leave your loving partner behind and go have a fun day or evening with your best girlfriends. Their company, laughing and hanging out, may be just what you need to help get you through the next couple of weeks.

  • Go on a Vacation 6 of 11

    Whether you go by yourself, with your partner or some friends, a last getaway can really do a lot for getting you that extra attention that you need and deserve.

  • Visit the Spa 7 of 11

    You can get aromatherapy, massages, or mani/pedis, and you will leave there feeling like a million bucks!

  • Just Sleep 8 of 11

    Taking a long nap instead of tackling that long to-do list is exactly what you need to do for you now, so take it! And take it without an ounce of guilt. 

  • Put Your Feet Up 9 of 11

    This one can be done a few times a day: just put up your feet ,and read a good book. That relaxation time can be exactly what your feet, back, hips, and whole body are aching for. And it's a small yet perfect way to give yourself a break.

  • Get a Prenatal Massage 10 of 11

    Your body hurts and aches when you're pregnant, so a massage is the perfect way to relax, treat yourself, and feel better after it's all done.

  • Get a Haircut 11 of 11

    Nothing makes me feel better than fresh highlights and a fresh haircut, and it's a great way to pamper yourself in a flash!

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