10 Ways to Reduce Stress While Pregnant

pregnancy stress

Pregnancy is STRESSFUL. Stress is not good for you and NOT good for the baby.
So what to do?

Here are 10 Ways to Reduce Your Stress While Pregnant:

1. Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massages can help relax and ease any stress or tension you may be experiencing while pregnant. Enjoy a good rub down with a masseuse who knows how to pamper a pregnant woman.

2. Walking

Plug in your earphones, crank up that Enya and walk. Walking is a natural form of stress relief and good for you too!

3. Journaling

All those thoughts that are swirling in your head, keeping you up late at night – take the pen to that paper and journal.  Not only will this help relieve stress, you’ll also have a record of you are going thru.

4. A Good LAUGH

Laughter is the best medicine. Pop in a great comedy and get your giggles on! But watch it – all that laughing may lead to pregnant peeing!

5. Sleep

Clean, crisp sheets. Dark room. Ambient sounds. The smell of lavender. Husband on call for any kid emergencies. Alarm clock off. YOU SLEEP. Getting a good night (or day!) rest will help restart your brain and give your body the break it needs to refuel.

6. A Night Out With Friends

Who doesn’t love a great night out with friends.  Grab a few of your girlfriends. Head out and enjoy dessert while talking and laughing until the wee hours of the morning. And if you need to let go some steam, who better to vent to then a good girl friend?

7. Ask for Help

That 4 letter word. H-E-L-P. It’s so hard to say, so easy to spell. When your head is spinning and the pregnancy stress is at an all time high – ask for help. Maybe it’s as simple as a “can you pick up tacos tonight” or as complex as – “There are 20 loads of laundry and you will wear dirty underwear if I don’t get help” – however or whatever the ask is. Do it.

8. Take a ME Day

Sure you are banking that vacation time for your maternity leave, but truth be told – will 1 day make THAT much of a difference. You Mom, deserve a “PERSONAL HEALTH DAY”. Call in sick, or better yet – be honest and tell your boss or husband – “I NEED A DAY OFF.”  Now do it. Roam the malls aimlessly. Feed the ducks at the park by yourself. Or just spend it Facebook stalking your old high school friends. Whatever you do, it shouldn’t involve any type of STRESS.

9. Read a Good Book

Escape reality with a good book. Books can take your mind away from the every day of pregnancy – if the book isn’t about pregnancy that is! Read your way to reduced stress!

10. CRY!

Grab some tissue. Head to your bedroom – or to the shower and just CRY. There is something about just crying it out that feels good. Scream your worries and stresses goodbye. Wash those tears away with the stress. Don’t make this one a habit if you don’t have to – but don’t be afraid to turn to it – your pregnant! Your entitled to this!

How do you deal with pregnancy related stress?
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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