10 Weird & Random Things About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is weird. Sure it’s natural, common, normal, what have you – but when you are pregnant, you start thinking — THIS CANNOT BE NORMAL.  Everything from strange lines appearing on your body, to erections in your belly (read!), to a foot that seems to not quite fit into your old shoe. Pregnancy has all types of oddities. Read all about them!

10 Weird & Random Things About Pregnancy:

1. You May Need a Larger Shoe Size While Pregnant

According to What to Expect When You’re Expecting, while pregnancy does not increase the width or length of your foot — the increased fluids may force you to go up a size in shoe. (This has happened with all 4 of my pregnancies!) Don’t throw away all of those cute heels just because your foot went up a size! Not all feet permanently stay larger, some reduce with birth.

2. Contractions Don’t End After You Have the Baby

With my 3rd child, I was in pain with these contractions that felt like major menstrual cramps for days. This is natural, and let me tell you — it SUCKS.

3. Men Can Show Signs of Pregnancy While His Wife is Pregnant

There is actually a syndrome for this called Couvade Syndrome. If your husband is gaining weight, lacking with you in the sex department and a bit nauseous, those sympathy pains maybe for real – couvade syndrome induced!

4. Most Pregnant Women Really Do Waddle

Hormones cause your pelvic bones to separate in preparation for birth. This in turn with the weight of the baby results in your, pregnant mama, walking with a waddle. (embrace it, and feel free to smack anyone who comments or quacks at you.)

5. A Dark Line From Your Belly Button Down To Your Pelvis Region May Appear During Pregnancy

The line is call “linea nigra”, which is Latin for “black line”. It’s a dark vertical line that appears on the abdomen during about three quarters of all pregnancies. The brownish streak is usually about a centimeter in width. The line runs vertically along the midline of the abdomen from the pubis to the umbilicus. This line usually appears around the 2nd trimester and will fade (typically) after giving birth. Though some women’s linea nigra very disappears! Again, this doesn’t happen to all pregnant women!

6. Your Uterus Can Stretch Up to 500x It’s Original Size!

Remember back on #2 where I say contractions don’t end after you have a baby? Well this is why! Your uterus stretches while pregnant, and miraculously returns to it’s original size. Those contractions help it get back to that size.

7. Less Than 10% of Babies Are Born On Their Due Date

I know, how WRONG is this! The doctor gives you a date. You count down the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and WHAM — no baby. Well, the baby has it’s own timer. It must be fully done, in an ideal situation, so as much as I hate to break the news to you — you have a 10% chance of actually delivering without induction on that due date.

8. A Baby is Born EVERY 7 SECONDS!

Yep, in the time that you read #8, a kid popped out somewhere in the world. By the time you get done reading this sentence, wham — there is another birth that just happened. A baby probably conceived just now as well, but we won’t go into that here!

9. That Baby Boy You Are Carrying, Could Possibly Be Sporting an Erection

You read it right. Male babies in utero can get erections!

10. Tuesday is the Most Common Day for Babies to be Born

The doctor told me this as well as the link below. And she told me this while trying to schedule an induction — so if that tells you anything, it should be why Tuesdays is a popular day for babies to be born!

What weird pregnancy fact freaks you out?

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