10 Wild Places Women Say They Conceived

Underwater? A tree? Read on to find out!

Sometimes ovulating makes women do crazy things. Like have sex in public places.

The egg is ready, let’s do it! Who cars about these people!  Fertilize me, baby.

Personally, I don’t have any exotic locales to regale you with. We just did it in the bed. We’re boring like that.

But! Many of you have some excellent stories on where you conceived your babies. I compiled the following list with some help from and comments on a previous post I wrote called Do You Know Where and When You Conceived? Needless to say, some of you are quite adventurous.

10 Wild Places Women Say They Conceived, after the jump.

  • Car 1 of 10
    Okay, so this one is pretty typical. However, a woman who goes by the handle "Loveydobug" on says she conceived in the car "the night I picked dear husband up from the airport after he got done with AIT/Basic training. It had been 6 months since I saw him last so we couldn't wait till we got home...Plus it was his birthday." Well then. In a car, at the airport, after six months of not seeing her fella. That's a mighty fine welcome home, if you ask me.
  • Tree 2 of 10
    Ronit swears that's how she got pregnant. "In a tree! Seriously! My husband and I were at a park late one night and dared each other to climb this old oak tree. We both did it ... then did IT! And I got pregnant!! Love oak trees even more now."
  • Men’s Restroom 3 of 10
    Men's Restroom
    Kelly got busy in the men's room and says it was well worth her time. "My husband and I had to often take his daughter (my step-daughter) to ice skating at 5am in the morning, we had to wait for hours on end and often it was boring....we were both in the mood, so the mens loo at the ice rink had to be it....lo and behold, I later found out I was pregnant!"
  • Trampoline 4 of 10
    Curiously, I've never done "it" on a trampoline. Under it, but not on it. However, it's how Ashely B. says she conceived her baby. "One night at a party, my boyfriend's best friend's birthday actually.. There was a Trampoline in the front year, and as i had said before there was a party going on so a few people were outside.. My boyfriend was drunk, and i wasn't.. I was of course taking care of him. And well we both were "in the mood". So well we had sex, coming to find out later people that lived there we're watching us in the up stairs window.. So it was pretty embarrassing. But well worth it."
  • Bathroom 5 of 10
    Jennifer tells Babble she conceived while hiding from her nephews... "We concieved in the bathroom. We had my nephews over for the night and i was terrified of them hearing anything so we went to the furthest point in the house. This was after a pretty bad fight eariler in the day.
  • Overseas 6 of 10
    Holly Poore says she went all the way across the world for her baby. "Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. An Island that was hotter then hell! We had to move our mattress across our little bungalow so that we could feel a little bit of not so cool air the crappy AC put out. My Child was "Made in Thailand"
  • In A Boutique Store 7 of 10
    In A Boutique Store
    MamaManikunian tells Babble "I know where I was conceived in the upstairs storage room of a quaint little boutique store in a tiny Gold Rush town. The boutique store is still going strong and now it's ironically called: The Nursery. Curious…" Very curious indeed.
  • Roof 8 of 10
    This one comes from a woman who calls herself Rhonda but simply does not offer up enough details to satisfy my voyeuristic nature. She says "On the roof. Yes, really!!!!!" So, like, a roof terrace? Or the actual roof? Oh man, Rhonda! We need more information!
  • Tent 9 of 10
    One woman tells Urban Baby conceiving is all about camping. "In a tent on a sloped campsite next to a reservoir in Wyoming. We actually have pictures of my husband standing next to the tent smiling the afternoon we arrived, which always cracks me up.
  • Ambulance 10 of 10
    One couple took a little time off saving lives to create one. A woman who calls herself "Nerd Is L" tells, "In the back of an ambulance while my husband and I were on shift. I'm so proud."

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