10 Worst Halloween Costumes for Babies

Why would you do this to your baby?

Last week I showed you 10 adorable Halloween costumes for babies.  But we can’t possibly fawn over all the cute ruffles and feathers without also recognizing the 10 worst Halloween costumes for babies!

I will never know what would compel a parent to dress an infant up as a convict or a whoopie cushion, but someone is clearly creating a demand for such costumes!

In no particular order, here are the worst Halloween costumes for your baby this year…

  • Car Freshener 1 of 10
    Seriously, why? There are so many things a child can be for Halloween. I cannot possibly fathom why this is one of them.
  • Slice of Pizza 2 of 10
    As a health food freak myself, this one gets to me. Let's start our kids out in pea pods and pumpkins (vegetables!), not gigantic slices of greasy pizza.
  • Mini Muscles 3 of 10
    Something about a baby in a muscle suit totally gives me the creeps.
  • Poison Control? 4 of 10
    Again...why? A baby in a poison bottle. I don't even understand the humor on this. I'm just confused.
  • Whoopie! 5 of 10
    Okay I get that whoopie cushions are always a little bit hilarious. But a baby? Wait until he's 12. It will be a lot more funny then.
  • Jail Bait 6 of 10
    I certainly hope my little baby never ends up in jail stripes, so I'm not going to give him any early ideas.
  • Billion Dollar Baby 7 of 10
    It seems a little early to be stressing the importance of money to a newborn!
  • Frosty the Pumpkin? 8 of 10
    While there is certainly nothing offensive or crude about this costume, it seems a little strange to dress your baby up for one holiday...on another? Save the Santa suits for December!
  • Ugly Chicken 9 of 10
    Okay I just personally found this costume to be hideous.
  • I Wonder… 10 of 10
    I wonder what would ever compel a parent to dress his/her child as a slice of processed white bread!


1.  Little Trees Car Freshener Costume – Target

2.  Mini Muscle Man Costume – Target

3.  Poison Bottle Baby Costume – Etsy

4.  Infant Whoopie Cushion Baby Bunting Costume – Target

5.  Baby Convict Prisoner Bunting – Halloween Costumes

6.  Infant Billion Dollar Baby Costume – Target

7.  Baby Snowman Infant Costume – Costumes 4 Less

8.  Rainbow Chickie Infant Costume – Costumes 4 Less

9.  Wonder Bread Bunting Infant Costume – Costumes 4 Less

10.  Infant Pizza Bunting Costume – Target


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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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