11 Adorable Ways to Outfit your Baby for the Super Bowl!

If you’re anything like my husband and I, the upcoming Super Bowl is more than just a football game. It’s the biggest game of the year and it’s also a tragic reminder that the football season is ending.

We are both huge football fans and look forward to the start of the season every year. The rivalries, the trick plays, the upsets, the commercials, we love it all. I don’t even think I have to tell you how scared we were when the contract lockout persisted this summer and how happy we were when the season started on time.

And while 2 out of 3 of our favorite teams are already out of the playoffs, we’re still excited for the upcoming Super Bowl. And we’re probably even more excited that next year we’ll have a baby to dress up for the big occasion because there are some seriously adorable football outfits and gear for babies. Okay, when I say we’re there, I really mean I’m because I’m pretty sure my husband doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about baby outfits, but you catch my drift.

Though we already have a few football things for the baby, these 11 football baby items will melt your heart and get you and your baby ready for the Super Bowl or for next year’s football season!

  • Your Team Onesie 1 of 11
    Your Team Onesie
    This one caught my eye because you can personalize it both to your team AND your baby. What a better way to get your little linebacker in the spirit of the big game?
    Get yours at Simply Sublime Baby's Etsy store
  • Football Baby in Belly 2 of 11
    Football Baby in Belly
    Not all football gear has to be for your baby and this is one great example. Show off the quarterback in your belly with this adorable maternity shirt.
    Get yours at Feeling Artsy's Etsy store
  • Football Headband 3 of 11
    Football Headband
    If you have a little girl and are looking to accessorize her Super Bowl outfit, this adorable headband is right up your alley. It's a cute little accent without being over the top.
    Get yours at Flowers for Bella's Etsy store
  • Football Booties 4 of 11
    Football Booties
    If these don't make you say awww then I'm not sure you have a heart. These tiny little football booties are the perfect festive way to keep little feet warm during the big game. I'm pretty sure if we buy a pair of these our little guy will wear them until the day we literally cannot get them on his feet anymore.
    Get yours at Terri berri Original's Etsy store
  • Football Tutu Onesie 5 of 11
    Football Tutu Onesie
    This is a sweet way to outfit your daughter for the football season or if you hurry, for the Super Bowl. And it's a good reminder that football is absolutely for girls too!
    Get yours at Layne 2010's Etsy store
  • I’m Told I Like Football Onesie 6 of 11
    I'm Told I Like Football Onesie
    This one makes me laugh because it's just perfect for a little one whose parents love football as much as we do. Our son may not know it yet, but he definitely likes football.
    Get yours at Three wagon's Etsy store
  • Football Cocoon and Hat 7 of 11
    Football Cocoon and Hat
    This one is for crochet enthusiasts because unfortunately, it's just a pattern, not the actual cocoon and hat. But I'm almost tempted to take up crochet simply because of the adorableness (it's a word) of this little snuggle bag.
    Get yours at RAKJ Pattern's Etsy store
  • Football Diaper Cover 8 of 11
    Football Diaper Cover
    While in many parts of the country it would be too cold during football season to keep your baby in nothing but a diaper cover, it might be worth cranking up the heat. And the hat just makes the whole outfit.
    Get yours at Pink Pumpkin Crochet's Etsy store
  • Future Quarterback Onesie 9 of 11
    Future Quarterback Onesie
    Though I tend to think my son is more likely to be a future place kicker than a quarterback, based solely upon the booming kicks to my insides all day and night, I still find this one pretty adorable. In a, I'm terrified of my child playing football some day, kind of way.
    Get yours at As We Grow's Etsy store
  • Personalized Onesie and Burp Cloth 10 of 11
    Personalized Onesie and Burp Cloth
    With this adorable set you can not only get dressed for football season, but you can protect both of your clothes while staying in the spirit of the game. Get it with your football champ's name so everyone knows who to watch for in 20 years!
    Get yours at Make It Personal Monogram's Etsy store
  • Divided Fan Onesie 11 of 11
    Divided Fan Onesie
    In our family there are several opposing teams that our child is going to have to choose from. And while I'm confident my son will choose correctly, in the meantime, this divided onesie is a great way to express his team allegiance confusion.
    Get yours at Two Florida Girls' Etsy store

How will you get your little ones ready for the big game?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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