11 Creative Ways to Track Your Pregnancy

Moms-to-be track their pregnancies a multitude of ways — whether it’s by writing down their day-to-day mood swings and pregnancy concerns or following along with a week-by-week pregnancy book that spells out exactly what’s happening in their foreign-like bodies.

Me? I just picked up a copy of What to Expect and followed the fruit-size analogies and “What To Ask Your Practitioner” questions for the full 40 weeks.

Of course as soon as I stopped being pregnant and immersed myself in the parenting blogosphere, I saw so many cooler, more modern ways to track a pregnancy — many of which result in irreplaceable pregnancy keepsakes.

Take a look at some of our favorite ways to track a pregnancy:

  • Weekly Belly Photos 1 of 14
    Weekly Belly Photos
    One of the most popular — and cutest! — ways to track a pregnancy is the classic side-view belly photo every week documenting your growing belly. You can get as creative and fun with it as you like!
    See the full 40 weeks from Simply Bloom Photography
  • Weekly Photos with Corresponding Fruit/Veggies 2 of 14
    Weekly Photos with Corresponding Fruit/Veggies
    Most pregnancy books give moms-to-be a visual of her growing baby by comparing the weekly size to a well-known fruit, vegetable or object — so why not snap a photo of it?
    The above photo is from Sydney of The Daybook, but you can see a similar (and stunning!) photography series from Carolee Beckham.
  • Monthly Belly Stickers 3 of 14
    Monthly Belly Stickers
    Another way to photographically track your pregnancy is with monthly belly stickers — especially useful for those of us who are graphic design-challenged.
    Get them from Sticky Bellies, $14.99
  • Make a Stop-motion Video 4 of 14
    Make a Stop-motion Video
    This requires careful planning from the beginning, but the end result is worth the work. Stop-motion videos are the new trend in pregnancy tracking and documenting, seen in this creative video and this funnier version. But my all-time favorite has got to be this tear-jerker.
  • Blog About It 5 of 14
    Blog About It
    There's no better way to track your pregnancy than a daily blog update — whether it's just for yourself, for your family and friends, or for millions of readers. Thinking about starting a blog? Check out MomCrunch for the best insider tips, and read through our Top 100 Mom Bloggers for fame-worthy inspiration.

    You can eventually turn your blog into a book for a special pregnancy keepsake.

    Photo: Shutterstock via MomCrunch
  • Handmade Scrapbook 6 of 14
    Handmade Scrapbook
    For a more traditional, hands-on pregnancy project, a handmade scrapbook is an easy way to creatively track your feelings, cravings, hopes, fears.
    Read my scrapbooking tips over at Family Style
  • Digital Scrapbook 7 of 14
    Digital Scrapbook
    Track your pregnancy month by month by creating digital pages — whether you design it yourself or use a photo-book builder like Picaboo or MyPublisher.

    The cool thing about digital scrapbooks is that you can add photos as well as facts. The Peanut Gallery from Adventures of the Stay At Home Mom is one of our favorite examples.

    Photo credit: Johanna McShan of Hanna Mac Photography
  • Facebook Updates — in Book Form 8 of 14
    Facebook Updates — in Book Form
    If you're going to be recording and tracking your pregnancy on Facebook anyway (so all of your friends and family can follow along), you might as well make a book out of it! That way, baby can one day follow along, too, from morning sickness complaints to that first Facebook birth photo.
    Get started at JotJournal, $15
  • Cooler Pregnancy Books 9 of 14
    Cooler Pregnancy Books
    Pregnancy books might be the most popular way to track a pregnancy — chronicling what you might be feeling, what your fetus might be doing, etc. Yet if you really want to track your pregnancy via paperback book, we highly recommend the hilarious Let's Panic About Babies. It's different than the rest.
  • Pregnancy Journals 10 of 14
    Pregnancy Journals
    If we're being honest, you can really just track your pregnancy with a paper notebook and pen — but that's not nearly as fun as
    The Belly Book, which captures memories like how bad your morning sickness was and which commercials made you bawl like a baby.

    Also see all of Nichole's favorite pregnancy journals.
  • Belly Ribbon 11 of 14
    Belly Ribbon
    The belly ribbon idea is an easy way to track your belly's growth, and it also makes for a fun I-can't-believe-my-belly-was-ever-that-big keepsake. Simply take a piece of white or light-colored ribbon and measure your belly every two weeks, writing in the week with each mark.
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Pregnancy T-Shirt 12 of 14
    Pregnancy T-Shirt
    This T-shirt idea not only makes a creative photo prop but serves as a handy pregnancy tracker. Plus, it just looks comfy, doesn't it?
    Get it from One Little Minute, $45, or make your own
  • Pregnancy Bookmark: Due Date Countdown 13 of 14
    Pregnancy Bookmark: Due Date Countdown
    How handy is this bookmark? It's also the perfect option for anyone (the bookworm especially) who wants to track her pregnancy without shouting it to the world.
    Get it from Baldi Bear ART, $5.43
  • Babbles Pregnancy Tracker On-The-Go 14 of 14
    Babbles Pregnancy Tracker On-The-Go
    Babble made it even easier to track your pregnancy with their pregnancy newsletter and free pregnancy tracker app.


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