10 Gifts to Pamper a Pregnant Woman

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Throughout pregnancy, there are lots of aches and pains and the sense of losing control of your body. This holiday season, make sure to let the pregnant woman in your life know how truly special she is by pampering her to bits. Check out these 10 amazing gifts to help you do just that.

1. Plan a Maternity Photo Shoot

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Surprise her with the gift of maternity photography! Make a whole day out of it and book a stylist appointment to boot. She’ll feel amazing with her hair and make-up done and ready to document this miraculous time in your lives!

2. Purchase an amazing Nursing Bra

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As everything grows, finding the right bra to help you feel comfortable and confident is key — but sometimes pregnant women are reluctant to spend a little extra money for such comfort. I’m a huge fan of Bravado nursing bras, which are perfect to wear during and after pregnancy. I just wish I bit the bullet and got some during my first pregnancy, as Bravado has made me feel so much more comfortable and supported this time around.

Available now from Amazon for $35.28-$44.10

3. Treat her to fancy Maternity Wear

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Another way to make that pregnant woman in your life feel special is to purchase some amazing maternity wear for her. Some women don’t like to splurge on a wardrobe that she won’t be wearing often, but buying her a special treat would make it easy for her to feel good about herself when she’s feeling bloated and sad that she can’t wear her favorite dress right now.

Available now on Amazon for $85.00-$95.00

4. Earth Mama Angel Pregnancy Pampering Kit

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This Earth Mama Angel Pregnancy Pampering Kit is pure perfection! It includes a Mama-to-Be Tea Sampler, Natural Stretch Oil, Earth Mama Bottom Balm, and Postpartum Bath Herbs. Relaxation is what every pregnant mama needs.

Available now from Amazon for $35.95

5. Lush Massage Bar

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The Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar from Lush is perfect for after the warm bath. It warms up your skin to help you feel rejuvenated, and the aduki beans will give your body a gentle massage to help you relax.

Available now from Amazon for $22.25

6. Prenatal Massage

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Treat the pregnant woman in your life to a prenatal massage! It’s the ultimate in relaxation.

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7. Snoogle Body Pillow

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As bellies expands, pregnant women covet a good night’s sleep to help with all those aches and pains — and the Snoogle Body Pillow does the trick.

Available now from Amazon for $58.99

8. Plan a Babymoon

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Planning a special trip away before baby arrives will surely help the pregnant woman in your life relax. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate trip halfway around the world! It could simply be a weekend getaway to help her feel pampered, perhaps a weekend spa trip?

9. The Push Pack

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Image source: Amazon

The closer a woman gets to giving birth, the more anxiety about being prepared tends to heighten. If that expecting mama were to receive The Push Pack, packing the hospital bag is one less item to have to check off the to-do list. And it will make her feel special to know you are thinking about her.

Available now on Amazon

10. Let Her Sleep In

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Simply letting the pregnant mama sleep in as much as she can during the holidays could be the perfect present for her, especially if you have older children as well. Sleepless nights of nursing are ahead with the arrival of a new baby, so getting as much rest as possible now is ideal and would make her feel wonderful and refreshed!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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