11 Newborn Must-Have Essentials

As a mom of 4 Littles and one on the way, I can promise you, you don’t need that never-ending list of baby check-list of things you need for a newborn. You would be surprised how much of it you don’t use. It’s about that time where I am really starting to stock-up. My little one could be here as soon as 8 weeks or he could surprise us and reach his due date. Either way, I am heading into my third trimester soon so I’ve got to be prepared with all those newborn essentials. From pacifiers to the best carrier and the simple little things – you’re going to want to add these items to your must-have list. Oh, and I am giving away a few of my favorites too! See how to win below! You can bet, they will make your life so much easier!

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  • Swaddling Blankets 1 of 11
    Swaddling Blankets
    Snuggle up! You will be a swaddling pro in no time. Newborns LOVED to be wrapped warm. After all, they've been curled up tight for months! Swaddling blankets are definitely one of those you-need-to-stock-up on items. This one even comes with 123 swaddling instructions sewn to the edge of each blanket so you never forget how to swaddle with perfection!
    Stylish and essential. My favorite swaddling blankets are the award-wining Swaddle Designs
  • Layette 2 of 11
    Sleepers, Gowns, Onesies! They will become your best friends and get ready to do loads of never-ending laundry. Stock up now. You can never have enough because I can promise, spit-up quickly can destroy! You will be reaching for new ones constantly in the first few weeks. From the blow-out diapers to the spit-up!
    If you are looking for the super-soft, amazing quality and cute styles - I suggest checking out the Tea Collection. I repeat super-soft!
  • Baby Carrier 3 of 11
    Baby Carrier
    You can't go wrong with the classic BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original. An all-time favorite! It is so comfy and easy to use, I can't tell you how nice it is to help free up your hands! It really is a parents best friend. It's small enough to carry in your diaper bag too! And best of all - the ergonomic design provides proper support that your child needs! It supports your child's head, back and hips - right from birth. The adjustable head support can easily be folded down so they can face forward and take in the world as they get older. Love that too!
    Buy the best baby carrier now from BABYBJÖRN
  • Pacifiers 4 of 11
    If you are a pacifier family - you can never have enough. Welcome to binky land! I swear, these things disappear so easily. Buy as many as you can so you are never looking for one. MAM is the brand you want to stock-up on. BPA free, soft silicone and a unique surface inside the pacifier shield complete with air holes which allows your baby's skin to breathe. I love the cool modern style they have. Fun designs too! Oh, and you can even personalize them! How fun?!
    Get some pacifiers from MAM
  • A Place of Rest 5 of 11
    A Place of Rest
    Okay, so if you have a bouncy chair, why do you need this too? I will tell you why! It is the perfect portable recliner that not only increases comfort but improves infant sleep. Maybe you have a super-fussy baby who doesn't like the bouncy chair. Whatever may be upsetting your baby and keeping them from sleeping, The Nap Nanny Chill solves. It mimics a car seat but has the comfort of a baby blanket -- the minky covers are oh-so-soft! And, the waterproof liner protects the durable foam for greater longevity. Oh, and did I mention it only weighs three pounds. Yes, THREE pounds. What's not to love?
    Get some rest with The Nap Nanny
  • Bouncy Chair 6 of 11
    Bouncy Chair
    Let me introduce to a pretty little thing. Meet the best bouncy chair ever: Babysitter Balance. Yes, it is perfection. And yes, I am talking about a bouncy chair. I would never buy another bouncy chair after using the Babysitter Balance from BABYBJÖRN. It folds so easily into a compact transport mode which makes it super-easy to store when not in use or take to Grandma's house. It has 3 positions too! Play, rest and sleep! It transforms your child's movements into a fun and soothing rocking motion. It's simple; all your child needs to rock sound to sleep. I love it so much because it matches my living room too! Total plus for me. Oh, not to mention, the wooden toy bar is just adorable!
    Check out the Babysitter Balance from BABYBJÖRN
    And the matching wooden toy bar
  • Video Monitor 7 of 11
    Video Monitor
    If you want to sleep at night with comfort and ease, you are going to need a video monitor. Forget having to pop your head in the nursery every 5 minutes to make sure it's working. With a video monitor like Summer Infant's BabyTouch Digital Baby Monitor, you will never have a worry when baby is sleeping sound. Not to mention, it's one of the most innovative baby video monitors on the market! Just like a smart phone, you simple touch the screen to scan the room, zoom in and also, adjust the brightness. All with the touch of a finger! Yes, it's touch-screen controlled! Oh, and another fave feature - you can talk-back! This gives you the ability to speak directly into the handheld monitor and your voice is projected through the camera so you can let baby know, you are on the way! Sometimes, they just need to hear your voice! It's sleek, stylish and just the best!
    Check out the video monitor from Summer Infant
  • Burp Cloths 8 of 11
    Burp Cloths
    You can never have enough! Forget average burp cloths! Browse Etsy for fun fabrics and cute styles so you can at least make burping exciting, fun and fashionable! Oh yes, stylish burp cloths are a must! After all, you will be wiping up tons of spit-up in those first few months. Hey, it gives you a reason to browse Etsy and stock-up now.
    Score some super-cute burp cloths from Swanky Shark
  • Diaper Bag 9 of 11
    Diaper Bag
    This is one of my favorite things when it comes to have a new baby. Getting the diaper bag stocked and ready to go. And oh my word are the options these days never-ending. Forget your old fashioned diaper bags! They've come along with with sleek, stylish and not-so-diaper-bag looking! I love opting for a diaper bag that looks like a purse! And, I have to admit - when it comes to Timi & Leslie diaper bags - I use them even when I don't need to carry a diaper bag. They are so cute, you can't even tell it's a diaper bag and I always get a ton of compliments! Not to mention they come with all the little things you need to stay organized.
    Get a super-cute diaper bag from Timi & Leslie
  • Travel System 10 of 11
    Travel System
    Oh Britax. You are dear to my heart! The 2012 B-Ready paired with the perfect infant car seat, the Chaperone. It doesn't get much better with this must-have combo! A travel system just makes those first few months of traveling so much easier. Especially doctor appointments! You can just snap the car seat in and go. More hands make less work! A travel system makes your life as a new mom so much easier! I love it so much, check back soon for my full review! I am giving away one too.
    Get the 2012 B Ready and Chaperone Car Sear from Britax
  • Wipe Warmer 11 of 11
    Wipe Warmer
    Who wants to put something harsh and cold on those precious baby buns? Not me! That's why Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer is an essential on my list! It features the patented Ever-Fresh system which is sure to keep baby wipes fresh, moist and free from discoloration. It is EPA-approved anti-microbial additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. It warms to perfection!
    Wipe Warmer from Prince Lionheart


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