11 Not So Average Ways to Reveal the Sex of Your Baby

Gender Reveal Party? Yes, please!

Too bad I couldn’t wait to reveal that we were having a BOY, after 4 girls. So this didn’t exactly work out for me as planned. I just couldn’t keep it in!

But for those who can keep a secret, you are in luck. These days it’s not just “It’s a Boy!” There are tons of fun ways to reveal the sex of your baby! Fun ways to reveal the gender or gender reveal parties have become more and more popular. Apparently, it’s the hottest thing to do now! Parents are going all out with parties to share with friends and family just what they’re expecting. Some are just posing for a quick photograph to share on Facebook. And some aren’t even letting their spouse in on the gender until they cut the cake to see what color filing is inside. It’s became a pretty crazy trend.

Are you going to throw a party to reveal the gender? Or will you just snap a photo? Tell me your gender revealing plans!

In the meantime, get some inspiration with these fun ways to reveal the sex of your baby:

Confetti Balloons

Image Source: Etsy

Tell the world with pink or blue balloons! Get these from Etsy.

Gender Reveal Cookies

Image Source: Vicki Liu
Image Source: Vicki Liu

These look so delish! Get the recipe here.

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Image Source: Michelle Horton
Image Source: Michelle Horton

Say it with cupcakes.

Keep Your Spouse Guessing

Case in point: this adorable video featuring YouTube vlogger Cory Williams and his wife, who delivered her big news by pulling a fast one on her husband.

Take a Poll

Image Source: Etsy
Image Source: Etsy

Have your guests guess too! Get this gender reveal vote poster from Etsy.

XX or XY

Reveal it in a unique photo, like this military couple’s gender reveal that was quite literally explosive.

Surprise Piñata

Image Source: Etsy
Image Source: Etsy

Smash it open to see! Buy this one, made from recycled book pages, on Etsy.

Push-Pop Party Poppers

Image Source: Thimblepress

Get your answer with glitter. Gender reveal push-pop confetti sticks available from Thimblepress.

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Get Creative

Find your own unique twist to put on this big moment. Like this mom-to-be, who asked her hairstylist to dye her hair for a slow-motion gender reveal.

Last But Not Least

Image Source: Etsy
Image Source: Etsy

Don’t forget the invites! Get these from Etsy.


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