11 Ways To Make Your Last Pregnancy Extra Special

My baby fever is still in full swing and I have been thinking a lot about what to do when/if I get pregnant again. I know that my next child will be my last one — my last full-term pregnancy, my last time being in labor, so I have been thinking a lot about how to soak it all in. I swear if someone made a device that allowed me to pop on a pillow and feel pregnant (the baby moving especially) they would be a rich person. I love feeling and being pregnant — despite the fact my pregnancies are not exactly easy. It will be sad to close the chapter on it all.

That said, since it’s not all over for me yet and I know that this next one will be the last one (if it happens), I want to make sure I do everything on my “being pregnant bucket list”. The things I wish I had done in previous pregnancies, the memories I want to make sure stay with me and since i’ve been around the ‘pregnant block’ a few times, I want to make sure I pull from all those experiences and make the next one as ‘me’ and ‘awesome’ as can be.

Click through for 11 things you can do to make sure the last pregnancy of yours is as special as possible:

  • Get Maternity Photos Done 1 of 11
    Get Maternity Photos Done
    Hire a professional or a friend who knows what they are doing and take the photos you've always wanted. If you like nude look, go for that. If you like the outdoorsy look, do that. They key is do what you've always wanted.
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  • Keep A Pregnancy Scrapbook 2 of 11
    Keep A Pregnancy Scrapbook
    Sure, if you think about your previous pregnancy now you may remember. What about 5 years from now? Or when your kids are old enough to have kids? Write anything and everything down to remember it all.
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  • Watch Yourself Grow 3 of 11
    Watch Yourself Grow
    Take daily/weekly or monthly growth photos. Make a video out of it or get your photos out in print for your scrapbook. It will be hard to realize years later just how amazingly your body grew.
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  • Document Just How Big You Got 4 of 11
    Document Just How Big You Got
    There really is no other time in life where you are expected to "look as big as a house". Keep track of just how big you were with a belly cast... it will be cool to show your kids too!
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  • Plan For The Birth YOU Want 5 of 11
    Plan For The Birth YOU Want
    There will be no second-time around to 'make things right' when it's your last birth. Get a good team around you -- care provider, friends, family, doula and plan for the birth that you've always wanted.
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  • Get a Cool Look at Your Baby 6 of 11
    Get a Cool Look at Your Baby
    If you're not opposed to extra ultrasounds, go get yourself a 3D one. It's so cool to see the baby actually look like a baby and not a grey alien looking thing.
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  • Be Creative In Sharing 7 of 11
    Be Creative In Sharing
    If it's your last time being able to tell everyone you're pregnant, best to make it memorable! Put on your creative hat and get planning on something no one will forget.
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  • Keep The Sex A Surprise Until The End 8 of 11
    Keep The Sex A Surprise Until The End
    There truly are not many real surprises in life. Sure, chances are you will be having either a boy or a girl, but it's fun to keep the game going -- the guessing game, until delivery day.
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  • Plan a Meet and Greet 9 of 11
    Plan a Meet and Greet
    There are all sorts of etiquette rules about having subsequent baby showers. I say, forget the rules and have one if you want. If you're all about rules, plan a meet and greet for when the baby is born. Celebrate and eat lots of cake!
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  • Trust Your Instinct 10 of 11
    Trust Your Instinct
    There are not a lot of times in life where you get to see just how super amazing your body is. How it seems to know exactly how to grow a baby and you have these hormones surging that make you the most protective and awesome human. Trust those instincts because they won't steer you wrong. It's one of the rare times you hear that instinct so loudly.
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  • Don’t Wish Time Away 11 of 11
    Don't Wish Time Away
    We all know the first part of pregnancy is miserable with the tiredness and vomiting. It all comes back at the end when we are huge and tired. Don't wish it to go quicker - try to focus on the amazing things happening and the small details you will miss.
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:: What special things do you want to make sure you do for your last pregnancy?  ::

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