11-week Checkup & How the Twins Are Doing


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Image Source: Thinkstock

Today was our 11-week appointment at our general OB-GYN, and it was our first ultrasound with them instead of with our beloved fertility center. It still takes a bit of getting used to the new office and learning the staff there. We really grew quite attached to the staff at the fertility center, and they set the bar pretty high as far as the level of care and compassion goes. But we’re just staying focused on the main objective: growing strong and healthy twins, and receiving proper prenatal care. Today, we had our first ultrasound at the new office, and this is what we learned…

First, I’m happy to report that the twins are doing wonderfully! At 11 weeks/3 days, each of them is measuring slightly larger than their gestational ages. One was three days larger, coming in at the size of an 11 week/6 day old bambino. And the other one measured at the 12-week size. While we were happy to know that they are both growing strong, we were glad to know that they are still within what the doctors consider the ideal size for their gestational ages: within one week of where they’re “intended” to be.

We also got to see both of them move during the ultrasound — which, by the way, was my first ultrasound that wasn’t transvaginal! Baby B, who is slightly bigger and easier to see on the ultrasound machine, was wiggling around and moving his/her feet. The tech got a great shot of the baby’s foot straight up, and my wife commented that the long leg looks much like someone else’s she knows (hint, hint). Baby A, who’s positioned on the bottom and therefore more difficult to see, was also a little wiggle worm. This one had her/his heels tapping together, and we joked, saying, “There’s no place like home.”

Our ultrasound tech was happy to see them so active, and — obviously — so were we. We were able to see their legs, arms, noses, heads, and heartbeats clearly. In fact, Sara told the tech that it also looked like there was “something between the legs,” and the tech was insistent that boys and girls look exactly the same “down there” at this stage. It’s hard for us to believe we have to wait almost eight more weeks before we get to learn their sexes! We are so ready to hone in on names…

When I told the doctor that I was actually feeling really good, less the tiredness, and that I sometimes even feel guilty that I don’t feel worse (I know how badly the first trimester is for so many women), he said, “Enjoy that. Because the thing about that is that it usually catches up to you on the other end.” Basically, he implied that I’ll likely have it worse — because of the twins — toward the end of my pregnancy. Back pain, discomfort, and heartburn were all symptoms he said would likely appear, and be worse than a singleton pregnancy.

So, my guilt is GONE! Right out the window. Not even thinking twice about those poor women who are hugging the toilet bowl for months and barely swallowing water. I’m enjoying my easy first trimester. Going to bed early. Sleeping late. Eating delicious foods. And simply loving, loving, loving the little lives growing inside of me.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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