12 Amazing Facts About Your Pregnant Body

When you really think about it, pregnancy is a wildly incredible thing. Take away the emotions behind the experience and look at it purely from a nature perspective and it only seems even more amazing.

A few cells come together and seem to know exactly what to do. They grow, divide, and eventually grow into a small human. A perfect combination of you and your partner and it all seems pretty automatic to your body.

Pretty wild, right? I still can’t really wrap my head around all the changes that happen and I’ve been around the pregnant block a few times. As you know, I love interesting facts about things so while researching, I came across some pretty amazing facts about what really goes on in the pregnant body.

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  • Heart Rate 1 of 12
    Heart Rate
    During pregnancy your resting heart rate increases due to the extra blood volume. Before pregnancy, if your your resting rate may be 70 beats per minute - during pregnancy that would increase to about 90 beats per minute.
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  • Blood Volume 2 of 12
    Blood Volume
    During pregnancy your blood volume increases by about 30-50%. Fluid increases more then red blood cells so it's not unusual to be indicated as mildly anemic during pregnancy.
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  • Kidney Function 3 of 12
    Kidney Function
    Normally, kidney activity increases when a person lies down and decreases when a person stands. This is amplified when pregnant and is one of the reasons you always need to pee when you are asleep.
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  • Breast Changes 4 of 12
    Breast Changes
    The increase of estrogen during pregnancy causes your breasts to enlarge in preparation for milk production.
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  • Hair Changes 5 of 12
    Hair Changes
    During pregnancy your hair is thinker because hair loss is reduced and growth slows down. It may appear more glossy and thick thanks to oestrogen receptors.
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  • Flexibility 6 of 12
    Thanks to the hormone relaxin, which is released to prepare your body for childbirth, flexibility increases everywhere. You are more likely to stretch your ligaments further - also putting you at bigger risk to injury.
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  • Stretch Marks 7 of 12
    Stretch Marks
    Thanks to the changes of rapid growth of the uterus and increase levels in adrenal hormones, pink lines may begin to appear on your stomach. Stretch marks don't go away but do fade overtime.
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  • Backache 8 of 12
    A common complaint in pregnancy is backache. With the expanding uterus and your spine compensating (curving) to help balance the load, aches and pains are common.
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  • Intestinal Tract 9 of 12
    Intestinal Tract
    Pressure from your growing uterus may cause constipation as your uterus presses on the lower intestines. High levels of progesterone during pregnancy also slows the muscular contraction in the intestines which normally moves food along - slowing everything down.
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  • Saliva 10 of 12
    Another common complaint of pregnancy may go hand in hand with morning sickness. Often saliva production increases - totally harmless but can be quite annoying.
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  • Mask of Pregnancy 11 of 12
    Mask of Pregnancy
    A blotchy, brownish pigment may appear on your face, usually around the forehead and cheeks. The areolae may also darken and a line may appear down your abdomen. These changes are all thanks to the placenta which produces a hormone that stimulates melanin production.
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  • My, How You’ve Grown! 12 of 12
    My, How You've Grown!
    By the end of the third month of pregnancy, your uterus may start to protrude. The uterus continues to grow and by 5 months it reaches your navel. At the end of the 8th month your uterus reaches just below your rib cage.
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