12 Awesome Playroom Carpets

When decorating a playroom, people often get so caught up in picking toys, creating storage, and setting up a table for arts and crafts, they ignore a very valuable area for play— the floor.

Floor tiles, carpets and rugs provide an excellent opportunity to utilize your child’s playroom to its fullest. They can turn a room full of toys into a creative space that really ignites your child’s imagination. Plus, they take up no additional space whatsoever.

Below are 12 awesomely creative carpet options to inspire your playroom design. Some are practical, some are fantastical, but all will change the way you think about your child’s space.

  • Hopscotch Floor Tiles 1 of 12
    Hopscotch Floor Tiles
    This is an awesomely creative way to make carpet tiles fun.
    Image source: Apartment Therapy
  • Super Mario Weave 2 of 12
    Super Mario Weave
    This carpet is handwoven by someone who played way too much Nintendo when they were younger.
    Image source: Craftster
  • Magic Carpet 3 of 12
    Magic Carpet
    Half floor carpet, half lounge chair.
    Image source: Crooked Brains
  • Egg Sunnyside-up 4 of 12
    Egg Sunnyside-up
    White round carpet. Yellow ottoman. Genius.
    Image source: Demilked
  • Alphabet Rug 5 of 12
    Alphabet Rug
    A colorful rug that also teaches your child his/her ABCs.
    $78 on Home Depot
  • Albatross Rug 6 of 12
    Albatross Rug
    Get more than one of these colorful round carpets to create a really unique floor design.
    Image source: oh, albatross
  • 2D Dollhouse 7 of 12
    2D Dollhouse
    Can you think of any other way to give your child a huge dollhouse that takes up no square footage whatsoever?
    Image source: Amazon
  • Puzzle Rug 8 of 12
    Puzzle Rug
    Turn your playroom floor into a brain-enhancing activity.
    Image source: Houzz
  • Roadside Rug 9 of 12
    Roadside Rug
    Give your kid a place to take his matchbox cars out for a spin. But try not to step on them bare foot!
    $239 on Home Depot
  • Miles Carpet 10 of 12
    Miles Carpet
    If you prefer a more abstract space for your matchbox cars, the Miles Carpet is perfect.
    Image source: Furniture fashion
  • Mix & Match Carpet Tiles 11 of 12
    Mix & Match Carpet Tiles
    If super creative carpets seem impractical, here's a great way to mix up carpet tile colors for great effect.
    Image Source: Houzz
  • Polar Ice Cap Carpet 12 of 12
    Polar Ice Cap Carpet
    Here's a beautiful rug with an important lesson about the melting polar ice caps.
    Image source: Curious Photos

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