12 Essential Pictures to Take From Labor, Delivery and Baby’s First Day

Because this baby is our first, we have very little experience of things we must do during labor and delivery. I mean, I know the object is to have a baby, but when it comes to the hospital bag, the order of people you call, announcements and the like, I am totally lost. Fortunately, I have a circle of good friends who are also already parents and I have been able to learn all kinds of invaluable things from their experiences.

One of these in particular has been the pictures before, during and after delivery. I know that labor and delivery can be a little chaotic, so I think it’s especially important to capture these moments so that they can be savored for years to come.

In talking with friends and looking over their pictures from those first precious hours and days, I was able to come up with a list of some of the pictures to capture. These are the top 12 must-take pictures from labor and delivery, as demonstrated by several of my dear friends and their new babies.

  • Final Belly Picture 1 of 12
    If you're anything like me, you've been tracking your belly throughout pregnancy, so it wouldn't be a complete journey without one final belly picture. Bonus points if you can take it in front of your hospital or labor and delivery sign.
    Picture of Heather just before giving birth to her daughter Annabel.
  • Hospital Room 2 of 12
    Some hospitals put up special signs for labor and delivery, but even if yours isn't one of those, it's nice to capture a picture of the room your baby is going to be delivered in. It's a pretty important room, I hear.
    Picture of Meghan's delivery room, taken by Heather.
  • Clock 3 of 12
    What a better way to record when your baby came into the world?
    Picture from Meghan's delivery of Oliver, taken by Heather.
  • ID Bracelets 4 of 12
    At the hospital you, your significant other and your baby will all receive hospital bracelets and a picture of these are a nice way to remember the day and a nice pictorial representation of your connections to each other.
    Picture from Meghan's delivery of Oliver, taken by Heather.
  • The Scale 5 of 12
    For years my parents disagreed on whether I was 7lbs 14oz or 7lbs 12oz. A picture like this would've been an easy way to remember those details and declare a winner, which is obviously what matters.
    Picture of Heather's beautiful daughter Annabel.
  • Meeting Mom for the First Time 6 of 12
    What more precious moment is there than the first time a mom meets her child? Of all the pictures, I think this one might be the most important and the sweetest.
    Picture of Heather meeting her beautiful daughter Annabel.
  • Meeting Dad for the First Time 7 of 12
    I'd put this one at a close second to meeting mom. The pictures with dad are among my favorites.
    Picture of Emily's husband meeting their son Paul, taken by Casey.
  • Meeting Siblings 8 of 12
    If you have other children, capturing when the older kids meet the baby is essential. The reactions from each child are so different, but they're something your kids will cherish when they grow up.
    Picture of Meghan's boys meeting baby Oliver, taken by Heather.
  • Meeting Grandparents 9 of 12
    This is the one I'm probably most excited about. Our baby will be my parent's first grandchild and I'm so looking forward to capturing that moment for us and for them, to keep forever.
    Picture of Emily's mother-in-law meeting her grandson, taken by Casey.
  • Sleeping Newborn 10 of 12
    What would pictures of labor and delivery be without a picture of the sleeping baby? Even better if you can capture mom and baby sleeping together, but I think the sleeping baby is pretty precious on its own.
    Picture of Meghan's son Oliver, taken by Heather.
  • With Doctors/Nurses 11 of 12
    Delivering a baby is a team event and it's nice to capture a picture with those who helped you through it. If you had an especially great doctor or nurse, ask if you can snap a picture with them before you leave the hospital.
    Picture of Heather after delivering Annabel.
  • Going Home 12 of 12
    To finish the event, you must take a picture of your newly expanded family leaving the hospital. It's the first time you as a family will head home together, and it's the beginning of the rest of your journey.
    Picture of Heather and Mike taking their daughter Annabel home.

What other pictures would you want to capture from your labor, delivery and baby’s first day(s)?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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