12 Hot Summer Baby Boy Names Inspired by Heat Wave

Heat-Wave Inspired Baby Boy Names

The summer heat wave is unrelenting this year. While its too-high temps are keeping people indoors, wilting gardens, drying up the ground, and even helping ignite wildfires, this year’s heat wave is responsible for some unlikely hotness elsewhere: Right here on Babble, with this list of baby boy names that are as hot as the temperature outside.

After the jump, check out these 12 red-hot boy names inspired by the heat wave. And stay tuned for the list of girl’s name coming soon!

  • Aiden 1 of 12
    Origin: Gaelic, English
    Meaning: Little Fire
    This "little fire" name has been hot on the list of popular names for some time now.
    Name Source: Baby Names World
  • Blaise 2 of 12
    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Fire
    This name just sounds hot.
    Name Source: Think Baby Names
  • Brenton 3 of 12
    Origin: Old English
    Meaning: Fire; flame
    Old English names don't seem too fiery, but this one is hot, hot, hot.
    Name Source: Think Baby Names
  • Conley 4 of 12
    Origin: Gaelic, English, Irish
    Meaning: Prudent Fire
    It may sound much cooler than it does hot, but that's likely because its meaning tames fire with sensibility.
    Name Source: BabyNamesPedia
  • Joash 5 of 12
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Fire of Yahweh
    Pronounced jo-ash, this unique moniker is a great pick for someone looking for a name that's not widely used!
    Name Source: BabyNamesPedia
  • Keegan 6 of 12
    Origin: Gaelic
    Meaning: Little Fire
    This name is traditionally used as a boy's name, but it can also be used as a girl's name.
    Name Source: Baby Name Wizard
  • Kenneth 7 of 12
    Origin: Irish, Gaelic
    Meaning: Fire born
    This fiery name has numerous variants and great nicknames!
    Name Source: Think Baby Names
  • Ravi 8 of 12
    Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
    Meaning: Sun
    Nothing says "hot" like a name that means "sun." This is my favorite name on this list because it sounds strong without being too aggressive.
    Name Source: Think Baby Names
  • Sampson 9 of 12
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Sun
    This is another name that's not widely used, but I think it's about to rise on the baby-name thermostat because of its nod to the more commonly used Samuel.
    Name Source: Think Baby Names
  • Tandie 10 of 12
    Origin: Old Norse
    Meaning: Fire
    While this name can also be used as a girl's name, Tandie for a boy is a hot alternative for the widely used Andy.
    Name Source: Smart Baby Names
  • Tito 11 of 12
    Origin: Italian, Spanish
    Meaning: Fire; to burn
    The name Tito is a quick little firecracker of a name, and would be a perfect match for a spunky little boy.
    Name Source: 20,000 Names
  • Tyson 12 of 12
    Origin: English, French
    Meaning: Fiery tempered; Firebrand
    Perhaps the most fiery-tempered Tyson we know is Mike, but this traditional surname is gaining popularity as a first name.
    Name Source: NameBerry

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