12 Maternity Wardrobe Essentials for a Cruise

If we have, by now, thoroughly convinced you to book a babymoon cruise trip — for these and these and these reasons — there’s only one more logical step to take.

Plan your wardrobe.

Even if you’re not planning on taking a cruise (perhaps for one of these reasons), a pregnancy vacation is always a good idea. If for no other reason than to just get away, clear your head, and rejuvenate yourself for the upcoming life change.

No matter where you’re going, here are some maternity wardrobe essentials for your vaca — especially if you’ll be taking a cruise:


1. Bathing suits – Pack at least two for your trip.

2. Lightweight dresses – Think comfy and cotton. You’ll probably want about two or three of these, depending on your wardrobe.

3. Comfy sandals – Ceridwen recommends these Saltwater Sandals, plus 12 other summer sandals for pregnant women.

4. Shorts and tees – Good for excursions.

5. Skirts – One or two skirts is always a good way to rotate your limited wardrobe.

6. Tote bag – A summery bag for strolling during the port calls.

7. Comfy walking shoes – Certain excursions, or just sightseeing in general, can call for a lot of walking. Lauren recommends these New Life Shoes designed specifically for pregnant women.

8. Sun-coverage hat – Not just for style — pregnancy skin can be more sensitive to the sun, leaving you susceptible to facial discoloration known as “the mask of pregnancy.”

9. A swimsuit coverup – I personally love a multi-functioning sarong.

10. Comfy pants – Yet another reason to buy these ultra-soft B.D.A (Before-During-After) pants from Belly Bandit.

11. One fancier dress – When you need a date night or you want to splurge on a fancier dinner.

12. Cardigan – Even the Caribbean can get chilly at night.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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