12 Reasons I Love Being Pregnant in the Fall

I love being pregnant and after a while of not knowing if it would happen, I was thrilled for those lines to turn positive, even if it wasn’t the most ideal time. It may sound strange to say that because, yes we were trying for almost a year and a half and I was on fertility medications to make it happen, but being due in December was not our “ideal”.

My older son was born in December and my two girls both were born in February. The way things are looking, Baby S will be born within days (if not the day of) my older son’s birthday, which is not the worst thing ever, but still not the best. So, I will have two boys with birthdays in December and two girls with birthdays in February. Add in all the holiday stuff in between and that time of year has become insanely chaotic.

I’m not dwelling on it by any means, but it’s funny that’s the way it has all worked out.

There is one mega bonus (other than the healthy baby no matter when he’s due) which is getting to be pregnant in the fall season. It’s my personal favorite time to gestate and with these 12 big reasons, I bet you’ll be convinced it’s the best season for pregnancy as well.

  • 12 Reasons I Love Being Pregnant in the Fall 1 of 13

    It's better than any other season for gestating. 

  • The Cooler Weather Means Less Sweating 2 of 13

    Being pregnant in the summer was not fun and it seemed no matter how much air conditioning I pumped out, I was still sweating. Now, not only do I save on my energy bills by not needing my air conditioner, I am sweating less too.

  • I Can Sleep With The Window Open 3 of 13

    I love fresh breeze when I sleep, but with the summer weather, that open window meant the cool air from the air conditioner left too quick and I wasn't able to do that. Now, it's open season for open windows!

  • Sweaters 4 of 13

    I don't need to say anything more really. Sweaters are the best thing during pregnancy — so comfortable and there's no real need to get maternity styles, which tend to be more expensive.

  • Back to School Season 5 of 13

    For the first time ever, all three of my kids are heading to school and that means more sleep for me since I'll be able to take naps!

  • Leggings and Boots 6 of 13

    Fall wardrobe is just the best ever! So comfortable and again, no need for maternity expenses since they'll likely still fit.

  • Cravings All The Time! 7 of 13

    Okay, maybe I'm the only one who can't deal with any sort of heat, but in the summer it felt impossible to eat. The humidity kept me from cooking and eating and that's not good, but it's all over now that the cooler weather has come.

  • Easier to Exercise 8 of 13

    We all know that exercise is important during pregnancy, but it was just so hot! Fall weather means I can take evening walks and not risk dehydration from the weather, and exercise won't feel impossible any more.

  • Weather is Not Bad Enough 9 of 13

    While the summer weather leaves me hot, the cold weather often brings with it more risks of falling thanks to ice and snow. The Fall weather is just that perfect in between where the sun still shines, but you're not going to hurt yourself as easily.

  • Awesome Halloween Costumes 10 of 13

    There aren't a whole lot of holiday's during the Fall season, but the two that are there, are awesome to be pregnant for. Thanksgiving — hello massive food portions with little guilt, and Halloween is more fun with the bump to dress up.

  • Less Stiffling Smells 11 of 13

    My high smell symptom kill my appetite so fast it's crazy. The Fall brings little to no humidity with it and that means the stinky smells that hang in the air are long gone too.

  • Amazing Maternity Photo Props 12 of 13

    If you're looking to get maternity photos done, there is no prettier backdrop than you get during the autumn season. Those leaves and the orange, yellow, and red colors are amazingly beautiful and it's not too cold that you have to bundle right up and not too hot that you're practically naked.

  • Support Tanks 13 of 13

    I have to wear support tanks so it doesn't feel like my hips and pelvis are trying to rip apart and so my larger bust doesn't destroy my back. In the summer, that one extra layer can really be felt and it can make things more uncomfortable. With the cooler weather of the Fall, that's a non issue and I can wear my tanks for comfort without sweating through it.

What season do you think is easiest for a pregnant woman, if you had to choose? Share in the comments! 

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