Counting Sheep Isn't Working! 12 Reasons Why Pregnancy Didn't Let Me Sleep

12 Reasons Why Sleeping Feels Impossible While Pregnant There are a lot of things about pregnancy that at times, can be harder than when you’re not pregnant.

Finding comfortable clothes that work with your healthy, expanding body can cause frustrations in the morning when the same shirt fit yesterday. Going to work and fighting through the “morning” sickness and the fatigue while crunching numbers at the office. Finding something to eat that both satisfies your cravings while not angering your stomach too much that it wants to get rid of it.

It’s all about the balance and at the end of the day, when it’s finally time to crawl into the sheets and catch some sleep-time, even that is harder than it should be.

From the pregnancy symptoms to the newly expanding body, it can feel impossible at times to get enough sleep when you’re pregnant.

Click through to read 12 reasons why sleeping felt totally impossible while I was pregnant:

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