12 Things I Forgot About Pregnancy

I have been wanting to experience pregnancy again a while now and while things are going in the right direction, trying to conceive has taken longer than I thought it would. If I were able to choose, it would not be taking so long, but it’s not all bad. There has been time to prepare my body and my kids, time to get things in order, and time to remind myself of all the things that I seem to have forgotten.

There are some truly amazing things about pregnancy that I can’t wait to experience again, but there are some things I think I chose to block out of my brain. My pregnancies have not always been easy and while there are some things I know I will never forget, there are some things that, surprisingly, I seemed to have forgotten about the process.

None of these reasons are going to stop me from trying to add to my family, but it certainly reminds me of some of the harder times that  may come ahead. Some are medically painful, some are annoying, but all are still totally worth it.

  • You say that’s you’ll always remember… 1 of 13

    ... but how quickly we forget!

  • How Many Times You Need to Use the Washroom 2 of 13
    How many times you have to use the washroom

    Looking back on pregnancy, I now remember how much time I had to spend going to the washroom. If it wasn't to pee, it was to puke and it took up more time in my day that it should. 

  • How Much It Hurt to Use the Washroom 3 of 13
    How Much It Hurt to Use the Wasrhooom

    While it didn't always strike me and wasn't usually until late in the pregnancy, if you've ever had hemorrhoids, which are common in pregnancy -- you'll understand when I tell you the washroom trips hurt. 

  • How Tired You Really Are 4 of 13
    How Tired You Really Are

    Looking back, I don't think I was ever so tired as I was during my first trimesters of pregnancy. There honestly needs to be a new word to define it because I've never had so much trouble staying awake. 

  • The Waddle Walk 5 of 13
    The Waddle Walk

    I can always pick out a pregnant woman from the behind because of the cute waddle that happens in late pregnancy. I had forgotten all about this until I saw someone at the store recently who you could never know from the back, unless you knew what that walk meant. 

  • The Rude Questions People Ask 6 of 13
    The Rude Questions People Ask

    At no other time in my life have people seemed to have forgotten how to act in social situations than when I was pregnant. I had the strangest things asked to me, had some inappropriate strangers touch me and that's not something I am looking forward to again. 

  • Just Feeling Fat 7 of 13
    Just Feeling Fat

    In the first trimester when you're too small to show, yet the bloating has taken over -- it's hard not to feel fat. As much as I tried to re-frame it during the first trimester, I always just came back to feeling fat and frumpy. It's much different than the cute, hard round belly in later trimesters. 

  • Labor Pain 8 of 13
    Labor Pain

    There is little to compare it in the world and yet, I forgot it nearly the moment it all ended. That labor pain is something I think I will fret about more if I get to that stage again someday. It's probably a good thing that I forgot about it or I may not be so inclined to try for more. 

  • Kidney Stone Pain 9 of 13
    Kidney Stone Pain

    As much as I don't want it to happen, in each of my pregnancies it has. Kidney stones tend to go wild during my pregnancies and while I won't ever forget my first one, I always seem to forget just how painful they really are.

  • The Needle Sting 10 of 13
    The Needle Sting

    I have had my injections ready and sitting on my shelf waiting to have to use them again since trying to conceive. While I know I have to inject myself daily in the stomach with a needle while I am pregnant, I think I have forgotten that little burn that happens with each one -- and the bruising. 

  • The Food Aversions 11 of 13
    The Food Aversions

    When I was pregnant, I could not stand the smell or sight of chicken. I have forgotten what it's like to go to the grocery store and needing to be creative with foods to avoid vomiting from the aversions. 

  • The Diabetes Sugar Test 12 of 13
    The Diabetes Sugar Test

    I remember the first time I was going to get that sugar test done, but I have since forgotten what nasty stuff that really is. When I think about it, I can remember how ill it made me feel and relieved that I wouldn't have to do it again...

  • Not Having Shoes That Fit 13 of 13
    Not Having Shoes That Fit

    I have forgotten all about the swollen feet and how one day I could wake up and have no shoes that fit. I remember now that shocking feeling I had when I realized I had nothing to wear on my feet when I woke up. I expected that from my clothes, but never my shoes.

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