12 Things I Wish I’d Known About Infertility Before I Faced It Myself

12 Things I Wish I'd Known About Infertility Before Facing ItI am not having the best month. This whole getting pregnant thing is not working out the way that I had hoped, the way it has in the past, and it can be hard to feel positive about the future.

I am waiting now, as seems to be the case with infertility. I have shared my feelings about waiting before and I think it’s the one aspect of infertility that I struggle with the most. I don’t know how or if things will work out and I have the type of personality that likes to be in control.

I never thought I would be battling infertility to such a strong degree. I am well-versed in the struggle of staying pregnant, but now there is the fear that I may not even get pregnant. It’s not easy.

There are some things I wish I had known about infertility before I had to face it myself. It’s one of those situations though, where we find ourselves not really thinking that it will ever happen to us. Not personally.

Click through to read 12 things that I wish I had known about infertility before I faced it myself:

  • There’s No “One-Sized” Solution 1 of 12
    There's No "One-Sized" Solution
    What worked for one person may not work for you and it can take months to find something that is best for your situation. Adding to the frustration, what worked for you last time may not work this time either.
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  • The Blame Game 2 of 12
    The Blame Game
    It can be easy to throw around blame for why you're not pregnant. Male-issue, female-issue and self blame is hard.
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  • Your Doctor is Important 3 of 12
    Your Doctor is Important
    Finding a doctor who listens and works with you is important. You can waste a lot of time on the wrong doctor and extend the already long process.
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  • Pregnancy Announcements Will Hurt Your Heart 4 of 12
    Pregnancy Announcements Will Hurt Your Heart
    It's a weird feeling -- you're happy for them, but at the same time it hurts your heart. You're aching for it to happen for you.
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  • Decisions May Not Be Easy 5 of 12
    Decisions May Not Be Easy
    You may think that it can be easy, but deciding on the course to take is not always so. You may feel differently than your partner or be unsure about the plan.
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  • Worry is Rampant 6 of 12
    Worry is Rampant
    It's hard not to worry even when you're told not to. Worry on the symptoms, cost, if it will happen -- it can be overwhelming.
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  • It Can Get Expensive 7 of 12
    It Can Get Expensive
    Fertility testing and drugs are not often covered by health insurance plans and those costs can really add up.
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  • You Will Worry About Family Size 8 of 12
    You Will Worry About Family Size
    You will worry about not having the number of children you want and you will wonder about the possibility of twins or higher multiples depending on your treatment plan.
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  • Side Effects Are Not Fun 9 of 12
    Side Effects Are Not Fun
    The side effects of fertility drugs are not always the most fun and can in fact be downright awful.
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  • Sex May Not Be Appealing 10 of 12
    Sex May Not Be Appealing
    It loses all appeal when you're on medication and have to plan even more when to do the deed. It's so much pressure.
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  • You’ll Get Unsolicited Advice 11 of 12
    You'll Get Unsolicited Advice
    People will come from everywhere to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, what worked for them or their friend's cousin's aunt.
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  • You Need to Let Go of Some Control 12 of 12
    You Need to Let Go of Some Control
    You have to come to terms with the realization that some times, no matter how much planning and hoping you do, things may not work out as you hoped or in the time frame that you wish it to.
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