12 Things to Share When Blogging About Pregnancy

If you’ve ever thought about blogging about your pregnancy, I have two words for you: DO IT!

Seriously, the decision to start a blog about my road to motherhood was one of the best decisions of my life. Blogging is a way to connect with others you might have otherwise never crossed paths with. Blogging brings people together. It creates a community.

And now, thanks to Babble’s awesome Best of Blogs Campaign, you have the chance to say — in the greatest way possible — to your favorite blogger, “You’ve had an impact on my life by sharing your story.” Simply by nominating your favorite blog post about pregnancy, you can help it get published in an upcoming ebook! So head on over to the nominating page, and let Babble know which pregnancy post deserves to be in the ebook before March 29.

It’s likely that your favorite post contains at least one of these 12 topics that are (mostly) essential to blogging about pregnancy. Or, maybe you’re pregnant and feeling stumped on what to write. Either way, nominate it!

And if you want to create your own pregnancy blog, what are you waiting for? Get writing! Maybe someday, someone will nominate you as their favorite!

  • Get Ready to Begin Your Journey! 1 of 13
    Aside from including absolutely anything you want, be sure to include these tidbits that everybody wants to hear about...
  • ‘Finding Out’ Stories 2 of 13
    It's so much fun to share the story of what those moments were like for you when you found out you're expecting. Were you alone? With someone? How'd you break the news to your parents? Friends? Work? What were their reactions? We're all dying to know!
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  • Updates on Symptoms 3 of 13
    No two pregnancies are alike. Some women vomit every day, all day. Some women never even get nauseous. Maybe your nose bleeds (hey, it can happen!). Let people know the nitty-gritty of what pregnancy is like for you — so they can relate (or be prepared themselves!).
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  • Baby Bump Pics 4 of 13
    This one's huge! Others love to watch your belly grow, so keep them coming back for the latest look of your ever-rounding belly.
    That pic? It's me! 16 & 1/2 weeks pregnant with my twins, three days before my water broke and I lost them.
    Photo rights belong to the author.
  • Name Ideas 5 of 13
    Sharing name ideas isn't going to be for everyone. Some people are very private about what names they're considering for their Little One. After all, some people can be outright rude in their responses to your potential names. But I think sharing name ideas is fabulous! Granted, I'm obsessed with baby names, so I'm always eager to hear what others are considering.
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  • Medical Concerns 6 of 13
    I pray that you make it through your pregnancy sans a single medical concern, issue, scare, mishap, or tragedy. Sadly, as I know all too well, not every woman is lucky enough to have a healthy and successful pregnancy. Talk about your medical issues with others, should they be part of your story. Trust me, you wouldn't be alone.
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  • Nursery Ideas / Progress 7 of 13
    Nurseries are a big part of pregnancy — especially a first pregnancy (I think by the time you get around to your next kid, nurseries become less important. At least that's what I've been told). But regardless, nurseries are lovely. And special. Share your nursery ideas with others and post pictures of your progress!
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  • Ultrasound Images 8 of 13
    Before I got pregnant, I could barely make out what I was looking at when someone posted an ultrasound pic on Facebook. It all just looked like a blurry mess. But now, and for anyone who's interested in your pregnancy, ultrasound pics are a great tidbit to share. They're a milestone of their own sort on your pregnancy journey.
    Those are my twins at 12 weeks.
    Photo rights belong to the author.
  • “The Bad” 9 of 13
    There are very few women whose pregnancies are nothing but roses. And, they might be lying. Let's face it: there are going to be bad days. Maybe you flipped out at the grocery-bagger for putting the grapes with the canned corn. Maybe you're anxious about becoming a mother. Maybe you're scared. Don't keep these "bad days" out of your blog. Be genuine. People appreciate it.
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  • Baby Shower Photos 10 of 13
    Baby showers are a big deal. While it might feel weird to be such a center of attention, people love and want to get things for your baby. Share all the details with your reader: theme, gifts, games, food. Parties are fun!
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  • Letters to Baby 11 of 13
    Writing a blog is mostly for yourself to document this exciting time in your life. It's also for other people to share in your joys. But it's also for your baby. You're creating a record of everything you did, went through, experienced, felt, missed out on, and planned for the arrival of your Little One. Be sure to forget your grander audience at times, and speak directly to your baby by writing her or him letters. But, share them, of course.
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  • Post & Share Frequently 12 of 13
    Even if it doesn't seem like much you suddenly can't stomach orange juice write about it! And write often. You never know when you'll strike a chord with someone out there who also went through that same exact random thing. And you'll be amazed how quickly you'll forget the little things after the baby arrives — you'll be grateful for it down the road!
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  • Your Birth Story 13 of 13
    You can't leave 'em hanging! Share your birth story. Tell us if it went just as expected (ha!), what surprised you the most, and what it was like that first moment you held your precious new gift. Plus, being able to look back and read your thoughts on the birth when it was fresh in your memory is a great gift for you, your partner, and your baby.
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