12 Twin Names That Are Destined To Start a Sibling Rivalry

I am a big baby name person — my kids have unique names that have some meaning to our life and I love that when I say all their names together, they seem to really jive.

It’s no secret that I am kinda hoping to get pregnant with twins (I’ve always wanted 5 kids, but this next pregnancy will be our last for sure, giving twins my only hope of more) and I have put some thought into what I may name them if that should happen. I don’t really like the whole cutesy-rhyming names, but I would love for them to have a cohesive meaning.

My mind then switched over to what names would not be the best idea, what would put the kids off to a ‘bad’ start if you look at typical name pairings. Some come from silly pop culture, some from bad blood and all are bound to have the kids in a frenemy situation right from the start.

Click through for 12 names that are bound to start your kids off on the wrong foot:

  • Brandon & Dylan 1 of 6
    Brandon & Dylan
    Think Beverly Hills 90210 - Brandon and Dylan are the typical frenemies, always trying to one up each other. Naming your boys this will for sure pit them together for life.
    Photo credit: goldbergk on Flickr
  • Blair & Serena 2 of 6
    Blair & Serena
    Gossip Girl BFF's who always seem to be in competition with each other. Naming your girls Blair & Serena is destined to have them fighting for the spotlight.
    Photo credit: Photostock
  • Anakin & Luke 3 of 6
    Anakin & Luke
    Maybe one of the biggest rivals this name combination will elicit fight right from the start. From Star Wars, these two have a deep bond, yet will never get along.
    Photo credit: EraPhernalia on Flickr
  • Jan & Marsha 4 of 6
    Jan & Marsha
    OH it's all about Marsha, or so Jan will feel. Naming your girls the classic jealous pair may set them up for one never feeling quite good enough.
    Photo credit: Jonas N on Flickr
  • Jennifer & Angelina 5 of 6
    Jennifer & Angelina
    These two never got along and never will. Possibly one of the biggest competitions in the celebrity world, your kids are bound to never get along.
    Photo credit: pocketwiley on Flickr
  • Charles & Eric 6 of 6
    Charles & Eric
    Also known as Professor X and Magneto, these two were childhood best friends who grew to be the competition. Your kids will have that deep love for each other, yet will always be on the opposite side of the coin.
    Photo credit: wsilver on Flickr

Photo credit:  Jonas N on Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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