12 Ways This Pregnancy Has Already Been Different

So now that the cat is out of the bag and I’ve shared the news that I am pregnant, I am happy to share this pregnancy journey with you. My pregnancies are always interesting and with my three living children, each of their pregnancies have been different from one another. You always hear that pregnancy is different for each woman, but it can be different each time for the same woman too.

I am just over 8 weeks now and while the first trimester symptoms have hit full force, I know there is so much more excitement to come. Some of the typical symptoms of pregnancy have reared their heads and my life is in a different space this time around, which gives me a whole new experience as well.

While I expect there to be a lot more new adventures, here are 12 ways I’ve already noticed this pregnancy is different than my previous ones:

  • 12 Ways This Pregnancy Has Already Been Different 1 of 13

    It's only been 8 weeks, but there are already some differences.

  • I Took So Many Pregnancy Tests 2 of 13

    Over the past 14 months, I had gotten so used to seeing negative pregnancy tests. That one morning, I took one just cause I had one left, thinking for sure it was going to be negative. When it slowly turned positive, I could not believe it. Over the next week and a half after, I continued to take tests each day and was still equally as surprised when it was positive. 

  • The All-Day Queezy Began Early 3 of 13

    I have experienced "morning sickness" with each of my pregnancies, but this time it started strong and quickly.

  • I Waited a Little Longer to Share 4 of 13

    I waited longer to share the news than I had in previous pregnancies. I wanted to see the heart beating before I shared. It's not that I felt like I had to or that I wouldn't get support if something had gone wrong, but it was to protect my own heart. 

  • Anti-Nausea Pills 5 of 13

    In Canada, we have access to a medication that's used specifically to treat nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and I had been on it with my pregnancy with Bean at about 12 weeks when it was clear it wasn't going away. This time I got on it at about 6 weeks pregnant and am on the highest daily dose, yet still fighting the queeze and vomiting. 

  • An Allergic Reaction 6 of 13

    I have to be on daily injections I give myself in the abdomen for the entire pregnancy and postpartum period due to my clotting disorder. I was on them for my last full-term pregnancy and this time too. However, this time I have developed a mild allergic reaction to the injection that means I have to take Benadryl as well -- which adds to my tired. 

  • My Kids Are Older Now 7 of 13

    My kids are now at an age where they understand that something's going on and when we told them the news, the day after the ultrasound confirmed the heart beat, they were so excited and it make it even more special. 

  • Getting Belly Rubs Already 8 of 13

    My kids always ask to "touch their baby" and although I am not really showing yet, their hands are always on me. So much sooner than any other pregnancy. 

  • I Forget I’m Pregnant 9 of 13

    I haven't really been pregnant in like 5 years so sometimes, I forget. Also contributing to the forgetfulness is that I tried so long to get here, it still doesn't always feel real.

  • Settle My Stomach 10 of 13

    In previous pregnancies I had found by now the food that doesn't upset my stomach, but settles it. I would consume only that until the nausea got under control. It's all still a huge guessing game right now. 

  • Nope, Not Sore 11 of 13

    In previous pregnancies, one of the first symptoms of pregnancy would be sore breasts. They didn't hurt this go around and are only now starting to get bigger.

  • Whoa Tired! 12 of 13

    Between the pregnancy hormones, extra progesterone supplements, anti-nausea medication 8x a day and Benadryl, + taking care of three kids, the tired has been indescribable. It really does need a new word. 

  • I’m Working This Pregnancy 13 of 13

    In previous pregnancies, I didn't have a job outside being a stay-at-home mom. This time, I am juggling the kids and work and at times, it's been challenging. 

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