12 Ways To Spot a Pregnant Woman Even Before She Starts Showing

There is a true uniqueness to pregnancy that can’t quite be matched during any other time in life. I think that is probably one of the reasons I love it so much — there is nothing you can truly compare it to. There are some similarities to other things in life, but generally pregnancy is a totally unique experience.

Now, it’s usually easy to spot a pregnant woman by what she looks like — the growing lady lumps and baby bump being the two biggest ways. Turns out, there are ways to spot a pregnant lady by how she acts and what she does too — all pretty unique to when she is growing a baby.

Click through to read 12 examples of how to spot a pregnant lady :

  • The Checks 1 of 12
    The Checks
    You may notice she looks at the toilet paper after a pee (either for blood or the mucus plug).
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  • The Crying 2 of 12
    The Crying
    Everything on tv either makes her cry or really hungry.
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  • The Mapping 3 of 12
    The Mapping
    She knows where all the public washrooms are within 20 minutes of everywhere she frequents.
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  • The Office Attire 4 of 12
    The Office Attire
    She wears slippers to work and no one thinks any different because at least she found something that fits.
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  • The Idea of a Date 5 of 12
    The Idea of a Date
    She asks her husband to massage oil on her perineum.
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  • The Super-Smell 6 of 12
    The Super-Smell
    She walks into a room and wonders what the gross smell is only to find out it's someone's gum they are chewing.
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  • The Quiet Talent 7 of 12
    The Quiet Talent
    She has perfected puking with making very little sound.
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  • The Sleepiness 8 of 12
    The Sleepiness
    She falls asleep in the middle of a staff meeting - daily.
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  • The – ‘Oh, Nevermind’ 9 of 12
    The - 'Oh, Nevermind'
    She drops something and instead of bending to pick it up - it's easier to leave it -- or she just starts crying.
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  • The Real Threat 10 of 12
    The Real Threat
    She says she would kill for a chocolate bar, and you really believe her.
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  • The Hunting 11 of 12
    The Hunting
    She spends time researching recipes for eating her placenta.
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  • The New Need 12 of 12
    The New Need
    She has to use two towels after a shower just to cover her belly.
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