13 More Frightening Pregnancy Celebration Cakes

Just when I thought I had seen all the strangest and weirdest cakes out there — more pop up. Some of the cakes are really creative and realistic yet frightening for obvious reasons (hello, we have to eat that!) and others are very sloppy.

I love browsing through professionally decorated cakes and wishing I had the talent to pull off the skill. Browsing through these though I wonder what were they thinking?

Click through to see 13 of the most disturbing cakes celebrating pregnancy:

  • Female Anatomy 1 of 13
    Female Anatomy
    There really is nothing appetizing about cutting into a cake shaped as the female anatomy - complete with a fetus cookie. "I'll take a slice of the left ovary please."
    Photo Credit: Baby Center
  • Congrats Jason 2 of 13
    Congrats Jason
    A strange message for a cake and not exactly something I wanted to associate with food.
    Photo Credit: Cake Wrecks
  • A Seed Was Planted … 3 of 13
    A Seed Was Planted ...
    I think what creeps me out most about this cake is the last one with the head through what looks like a pea pod simulating birth. Want a slice of that?
    Photo Credit: Cake Wrecks
  • Me + Sperm = Baby 4 of 13
    Me + Sperm = Baby
    Other then this cake being ugly looking - the message - while funny, is not exactly celebratory material.
    Photo Credit: Baby Center
  • Catch The Baby 5 of 13
    Catch The Baby
    Disturbing all around - can you imagine eating this one? "I will take a slice of head...
    Photo Credit: Baby Center
  • Push 6 of 13
    Ugly and creepy - nothing more to really say ...
    Photo Credit: Baby Center
  • Congrats on the Long Swim 7 of 13
    Congrats on the Long Swim
    Oh totally, I want to eat a cake that reminds me of how babies are made ... Did you catch the sarcasm?
    Photo Credit: Baby Center
  • Welcome… Babbies? (sic) 8 of 13
    Welcome... Babbies? (sic)
    I hope this is not a cake someone paid to have made. Ugly and spelling errors.
    Photo Credit: Cake Wrecks
  • Nobody Does It Better 9 of 13
    Nobody Does It Better
    I don't even know what's going on here... just plain weird.
    Photo Credit: Cake Wrecks
  • Finally 10 of 13
    A cake that seems more sad then something to celebrate... finally a boy? Finally?
    Photo Credit: Cake Wrecks
  • Pregnant Marshmallow Puff? 11 of 13
    Pregnant Marshmallow Puff?
    The cake ... is crowning. shudder
    Photo Credit: Cake Wrecks
  • Water Birth Cake 12 of 13
    Water Birth Cake
    This one is creative - I will give it that much ...
    Photo Credit: Baby Center
  • Welcome 13 of 13
    This cake is the creepiest of the bunch - just downright scary. The thought of having to cut into this ... and eat it. No thanks!
    Photo Credit: Jana's Fun Cakes

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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