13 Halloween Costumes to Show-off or Hide your Baby Bump

Halloween is coming soon and if you are currently pregnant with your first child, this might be your last chance to own the holiday before it belongs to your kid. Thus, the plethora of costume ideas for pregnant women.

As far as I can tell, there are three ways for pregnant women to honor Halloween.

1) Bare it all.

Judging from a preliminary internet search, painted pregnant bellies are all the rage on October 31st. Pumpkins, magic eight balls, fish bowls and any one of the planets will do. Just wear a short shirt that exposes your art work and pray it’s not too cold outside.

2) Cover and hide.

There are plenty of costumes that work especially well for women sporting a pregnant belly who aren’t interested in showing it off. Just pick anybody on the heavier side or someone who wears shapeless clothing. Consider dressing up as a weatherman wearing a big rain poncho, a guy with a huge beer gut, Santa Claus or the ever appropriate GHOST.

3) Keep it simple.

If nearing the end of your pregnancy is all consuming and you’re too busy making sure the nursery is ready to start considering creative costumes, just go with a Halloween maternity t-shirt or a store bought maternity costume that does all the work for you.

Here are 13 Halloween costumes available for purchase:

  • Bun in the Oven – $46.99 1 of 13
    This is a perfect costume for those who take things literally. Dress your husband up as a baker and you've got yourself a couples costume!
    Found on ebay
  • Reverse Jack-o-lantern – $35 2 of 13
    You could go the painted belly route or try this more conservative, but just as festive, approach.
    Found on Etsy
  • Pregnant Nun – $24.99 3 of 13
    It's not every Halloween you'd opt to wear the same costume as hundreds of frat boys.
    Found on Amazon
  • Santa Claus – $64.99 4 of 13
    If it's cold, you can't go wrong with a big warm red jacket with plenty of room for your baby bump.
    Found on Drugstore.com
  • Skeleton Baby – $29.99 5 of 13
    Go as one giant X-Ray complete with tiny skeleton baby. A no frills costume that doesn't get any better except if you're having...
    Found on Etsy
  • Skeleton TWINS!!!! – $29.99 6 of 13
    Adorable, simple and a reason to demand even more candy.
    Found on Etsy
  • Pregnant Cheerleader – $35.59 7 of 13
    This Quinn Fabray Cheerios costume comes with an inflatable belly. Maybe they'll give you a discount if you don't need it...
    Found on Totally Costumes
  • Thing 3 – $32.50 8 of 13
    Perfect if you are about to have your third kid. Dress your two other darlings as Thing 1 and Thing 2 and you've got yourself a family costume.
    Found on Etsy
  • Baby Groucho – $6 (for patch only) 9 of 13
    This adorable t-shirt is low maintenance with a sense of humor. Just pray the baby arrives without a mustache.
    Found on Etsy
  • Juno – $19.95 10 of 13
    Yes, someone is actually selling this "costume". Maybe if it came with a navy zip-up sweatshirt and Michael Cera, someone would know what you are dressed up as.
    Found on TV Store Online
  • Pregnant Pause – $32 11 of 13
    Were you the kind of person that went as a "Freudian Slip" for Halloween? Have I got the pregnant costume for you!
    Found on Cafe Press
  • Sumo Wrestler – $39.99 12 of 13
    As an added bonus, you're giving your baby plenty of padding should you go to a crowded Halloween party.
    Found on Spirit Halloween
  • Let Us Out!!! 13 of 13
    And finally the creepiest of t-shirts— you're not pregnant, you've trapped live babies in there! (Actually, I guess that's kind of true...)
    Found on Cafe Press

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