13 Incredible Newborn Photos to Replicate

With a little one on the way, you might already be thinking of the little outfits and toys and furniture. But have you thought about those early photos? It’s such a precious, fleeting time with endless creative options.

Newborns typically zonk out pretty hard during those first couple of weeks, allowing you to position and pose your baby in all sorts of ways. (One woman even got a book deal from the creative images she took while her daughter was asleep. Keep reading for those photos.)

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 13 adorable ideas to recreate once your little one comes into the world:

  • Eyes, hands, feet. Perfection. 1 of 13
    Image source: Kelly Ryden
  • Cowgirl in Training 2 of 13
    Cowgirl in Training
  • Love. 3 of 13
  • Little Bookworm 4 of 13
    Little Bookworm
  • A Family of Hands 5 of 13
    A Family of Hands
  • A Family of Feet 6 of 13
    A Family of Feet
  • I love everything about this sweet photo. 7 of 13
    I love everything about this sweet photo.
  • Size Perspective 8 of 13
    Size Perspective
  • Nap Boredom Turned Book Deal 9 of 13
    Nap Boredom Turned Book Deal
  • Pet Love 10 of 13
    Image source: Brittany Woodall
  • Snuggling with a Lovie 11 of 13
    Snuggling with a Lovie
  • Folds and Rolls 12 of 13
    Folds and Rolls
  • …Computer Skills Needed 13 of 13
    ...Computer Skills Needed

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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