13 Ways To Include Your Partner In Your Pregnancy

I try to include my husband in all of the important events of my life, so why should pregnancy be any different?

One thing I’ve noticed about pregnancy is that it is a very individualistic experience in many ways.  I am the one growing a tiny human inside of me and I will be the one to birth said tiny human.  I alone experience the symptoms of this pregnancy:  headaches, bloating, nausea…. It is up to me to remember to take my prenatal vitamins and to remember that I can no longer eat that scoop of raw cookie dough (blasted raw eggs!).  It’s hard not to feel like you’re going it alone sometimes.

But even though he may not be able to be physically involved in my pregnancy, I know that my husband is just as excited about this little life I’m growing and that he’d like to be included in my pregnancy in any way that he can be, and I’m sure he’s not the only one.  I’m sure many partners out there would love to be more included in this journey of pregnancy that we’re experiencing.  Because of this, I’ve come up with a list to help us all out:  13 Ways To Include Your Partner In Your Pregnancy.  Read more after the jump!


  • Talk about a budget 1 of 13
    Babies are expensive and it's quite likely that while your mind is fixated on baby carriers and nursery color schemes, your partner is just seeing dollar signs and stress. Sit down and figure out what your baby budget is and figure out if anything needs to be adjusted. Coming up with a list of things that you "need" for the baby V.S. "want" can really help as well.
  • Invite your partner to doctor’s/midwife appointments 2 of 13
    Nothing makes having a baby seem more "real" than going to a doctor's appointment and hearing your baby's heart beat and seeing those precious ultrasounds. Half the time I can hardly believe that there's a real little person growing inside of me, so I can only imagine how my husband must feel not being able to have any evidence of said mini human with the less-than-impressive baby bump I'm sporting. Being a part of these appointments can serve as a great way to connect your partner to the little life growing inside of you.
  • Work on a nursery project 3 of 13
    Take on a crafty DIY project together (perhaps one of these might strike your fancy) or if you're less than crafty take on something simpler like putting together the crib or hanging up nursery art. It doesn't matter what the project is, but the simple act of doing it together will bond you.
  • Take a parenting class 4 of 13
    Chances are that if you're feeling anxious about your impending parenthood, so is your partner. Alleviate some of those parenting concerns by taking a parenting class together. Even if you don't want to take a class on boundaries and discipline, you can always take something fun like this baby sign language class.
  • Sign Up For Birthing Classes 5 of 13
    Your partner just might make the best birthing coach and signing up for a birthing class together will give them the skills they need to encourage you during the labor and delivery process.
  • Keep a journal or blog together where you write letters to baby 6 of 13
    Take turns writing to your baby. Tell your baby what you're looking forward to, what you're nervous or anxious about and about all the things you're doing to prepare for their arrival. Not only will this be a great keepsake for your child one day, but it can be a great way to springboard some good conversations with your partner.
  • Brainstorm baby names 7 of 13
    Talking about the names you both like and dislike can help you learn a lot about your partner (i.e. "We can never name our son Noah! I was bullied by a kid named Noah in the 3rd grade!"), but it's also just a fun and easy way to prep for your little one. Then check out the popularity of your favorites over at the Social Security Administration's website. It can be pretty fun.
  • As your due date approaches cook some make-ahead meals together 8 of 13
    In the beginning days once baby arrives there's no way you'll have energy to make anything other than a bowl of cereal for dinner, so take advantage of the final days of pregnancy to cook up some make-ahead meals to freeze for later. You can find some great recipes over at The Kitchn
  • Consider a couples baby shower 9 of 13
    Baby showers might make some men run for the hills, but others may love nothing more than to be included on this event. Men and women alike get excited about an impending birth, so why not include everyone who will be involved in your baby's life in this special celebration? If you do decide on a couples shower, check out some of the cute invitation options available over at minted.
  • Read a baby book together 10 of 13
    Reading a book about pregnancy, childbirth or parenting will provide you with a great jumping off point for discussion. Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth is on my to-read list.
  • Take a baby massage class 11 of 13
    Your partner may not be able to provide for all the immediate physical needs of your baby, but learning infant massage together will provide them with a way to sooth and comfort your new baby once it arrives. You can even find free ones through Loving Touch International.
  • Sign up for an infant & child CPR/First Aid class 12 of 13
    Having first aid and CPR knowledge under your belt can help alleviate some worries for both partners. You can both feel empowered with the knowledge you'll gain together through knowing you can help your baby if an emergency situation should arise. Check out class schedules at your local Red Cross Chapter.
  • Write your birth plan as a team 13 of 13
    Even though you'll be the one delivering on the big day, it's important to make your partner feel as much a part of this process as possible. Sitting down together and deciding what is important to you will help you partner to feel informed and better able to advocate for you during delivery if you are not able to do so for yourself. It's a great way to make your partner feel helpful during a time when there is little else they can really do to help aside from cheering you on.



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