13 Weeks Pregnant: Stats, Symptoms, and Pics

13 weeks! Well…


14 tomorrow. This week has had SO many appointments that I literally just thought – um – it’s time for the 13 week post Diana. Today.

I’ve done something a little different: given you a glimpse into our past week. From the bump pics to just life here (still) solo parenting and working.


How Far Along: 13 weeks and 6 days!

Size of baby: A lemon.

Sleep: Bella wakes up almost every night around 3 to scream bloody murder about something. Water, toys, I don’t even know. It’s super annoying. She’ll stop as soon as Sam gets home, but until then we’re both just trying to get through it.

Total Weight Gain: None. Which is ok. Only surprising. Where is all the food going?

Symptoms: HEARTBURN. See slide below. Also so much sicker than the first trimester. It’s at the point where blowing my nose make me instantly gag and run for the sink.

Movement: Yes!

Maternity Clothes: All maternity. All the time. I have missed some of these cute pieces so much. Being pregnant is like all of the sudden remembering you have an entire closet full of clothes you forgot about.

Go-to eats: Tuna. Milk. Soups. Chipotle. I think it’s safe to say the cravings have kicked in.

Best moment of the week: (TMI ALERT) In this week’s ultrasound we found my cervix had actually lengthened almost a full cm! Good news for me!

Gender: Not yet but SO SOON.

What I wish people knew: As this pregnancy’s weeks tick closer to when I lost the boys, I do stress more at certain times. It’s hard not to because their loss was so sudden and unexpected. Weekly ultrasounds do help ease some of those fears.

What I’m looking forward to: Sam will be home in 2 weeks and I’m hoping that we can hold off on knowing the sex until then. They do such a thorough check each time it might not be easy.

Milestones: Fingerprints and vocal cords!

  • Chillin’ 1 of 8
    No, this is not a real sea turtle. But it looks like one! I bought it for Bella on our Disney cruise and she's been in love with it ever since. It was just hanging out on the bump that morning.
  • Heartburn 2 of 8
    I can't even explain how bad it is. After I wrote this to my friend I burped and thought my insides had been seared by acid. I've tried so many remedies; milk works temporarily but so far everything else is meh. Maybe my kid will come out with a full head of hair. Like Rapunzel.
  • Back to Work 3 of 8
    I finally found a sitter after 5 weeks of not having one (or a husband). Let me tell you - trying to work from home with Bella and being sick most of the day isn't feasible for long. Very thankful for her and the ability to take several hours a week to be alone and write.
  • The Bebeh! 4 of 8
    13 weeks, 3 days, and just kicking along in there. Everything looks perfect and weekly ultrasounds are like the best thing ever when you have MASSIVE anxiety. 😉
  • Playdates 5 of 8
    Getting Bella out of the house and with her friends is a priority for me. So we hit the new children's museum here with friends one morning.
  • Sick 6 of 8
    Still.sick. At this point it really isn't like, "SURPRISE!!" but more annoying. Even more annoying that I keep telling all my doctors I have hyperemesis and have with all 3 pregnancies only to have them say, "You're 13 weeks, should feel better any day!" No, no I won't. But thanks for reminding me others get to feel better.
  • Morning sun 7 of 8
    Winter here is like - amazing. Summer is terrible but really the winters are to die for. Some mornings when it's already 60* I haul us all outside to play for an hour or so and soak up the sunshine.
  • 13 weeks 4 days 8 of 8
    Hooray second tri! Photobombed by Bella chasing Charlie through the house.

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